Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror: Part 3

Bakeneko: Episodes 9-11

This story follows a creepy medicine seller who is more than meets the eye. He comes across a family that suddenly has the loss of a beloved daughter and then starts being attacked by an evil spirit. This arc serves as a mystery for 2 episodes then suddenly the reason is reviled and all shit breaks loose.


Final thoughts:

Out of all three arcs, by far the third was the best. But the most enjoyable for me was the first. I enjoyed the story more and while I'm all for weird art that's where the third arc lots points for me.

None of the arcs were visually eyesores. Each had their own unique style to them and definitely added to the story they were telling.  I can see how some people would be offended by the very abstract style of the last arc though. The characters were very well thought out and played there parts to the best they could. Some had more depth to them but overall all the characters were enjoyable no matter how evil or good they were. Music was always hidden in the background but always there when needed to make an impact. If anything in Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror my favourite musical part would have to been the OP

There was different visuals for each arcs OP but the same song was used all the way through the series. Same for the ED as well.

People who love short stories all wrapped into one will love this. You also must be a fan of the horror genre. These arcs are just some great old fashioned story telling that are sure to please.

I'll give this a final end score of 8/10

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Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror: Part 2

Tenshu Monogatari: Episodes 5-8

A simple story about a man falling in love with a forgotten goddess..... well maybe not so simple...

These goddess's all live together with their head forgotten goddess Uba and terrorize the land by eating humans. Tomi-Hime one days meets this young man named Zusho that she falls in love with and him with her. This is your pretty standard forbidden love plot... well the only difference with this one is the added horror elements. I really don't have much to say about this one as I generally don't like Romance all that much and found this to be very boring unless there was killing on the screen.

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Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror: Part 1

Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan: Episodes 1-4

This story is cruel and creepy at the same time. Just what I expected with a horror title. Things like falling out hair, rising ghosts, and illusions of the mind are enough to make you squirm in your seat. This story is based upon real people named Oiwa and Tamiya Iemon and has been made and remade over the years many, many times. Despite the stories age and numerous re-tellings it still manages to grab you in as it is a classic tale of revenge.

We follow the story of Oiwa whom has been given an herbal mixture that is suppose to cure her from being ill after child birth. While it made her fell a little better the side effects were terrible disfiguring of the face and gave her more pain as well. Her husband Iemon soon gets an offer to marry another young more beautiful lady and he is willing to take up this offer despite his first wife's condition and a newborn baby.

Easily from here it is clear that the story is diving into its tale of revenge. As the wife learns the dangers of the medicine she was given after the fact, now knowing she was tricked by the family her husband will be marring into she vows revenge on all those who have done her wrong.

Now tales of revenge have always been fun to watch for me, but some just need a little more to it than this one had. Don't get me wrong it was worth watching and the horror factor is what made this more interesting than just a normal revenge story but it could have used a little more. Oiwa's way of haunting all the people who had done her wrong could have been more intense... I assume it was scary way back then but now with having seen these elements in every other revenge/horror story out there it just wasn't enough scare me. The history lesson at the very end of the story was very informative and actually made me want to go and learn more about the history of this story. It was told in a very good way that leaves the viewer wondering and asking questions that there may or may not be answers to.

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Halloween Marathon 4 Days October 28-31

Anime Planet User TheOmnipotentLemur was kindly enough to host a spOoOoOOky anime watching marathon for Halloween. What better way to make your Halloween extra fun than to watch some scary shocking anime!

Here's the spooky line up! Halloween Watch List

On my menu I have the following:

  1. Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror
  2. Ghost Hunt
  3. Boogiepop Phantom
  4. Jigoku Shoujo (all 3 seasons)

I've seen everything else on that list in the link so these will do for 4 days. I might watch some of the movies again as I wouldn't mind writing up some reviews for them. We'll see.

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Flight of the Panties

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