Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror: Part 3

Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror: Part 3

Bakeneko: Episodes 9-11

This story follows a creepy medicine seller who is more than meets the eye. He comes across a family that suddenly has the loss of a beloved daughter and then starts being attacked by an evil spirit. This arc serves as a mystery for 2 episodes then suddenly the reason is reviled and all shit breaks loose.


Final thoughts:

Out of all three arcs, by far the third was the best. But the most enjoyable for me was the first. I enjoyed the story more and while I'm all for weird art that's where the third arc lots points for me.

None of the arcs were visually eyesores. Each had their own unique style to them and definitely added to the story they were telling.  I can see how some people would be offended by the very abstract style of the last arc though. The characters were very well thought out and played there parts to the best they could. Some had more depth to them but overall all the characters were enjoyable no matter how evil or good they were. Music was always hidden in the background but always there when needed to make an impact. If anything in Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror my favourite musical part would have to been the OP

There was different visuals for each arcs OP but the same song was used all the way through the series. Same for the ED as well.

People who love short stories all wrapped into one will love this. You also must be a fan of the horror genre. These arcs are just some great old fashioned story telling that are sure to please.

I'll give this a final end score of 8/10

Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror: Part 3, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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