Day 10 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Day 10 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Crazy good, crazy bad.

Tenth up for The 12 Days of Christmas: romance moments is Eureka Seven. These 12 Days of Christmas posts aren't in any particular order. I just choose moments that actually made me feel all warm and squishy inside. Be sure to check out animemiz’s scribbling's and Desu ex Machina's and Memories of Eternity and Unmei Kaihen's blogs for more 12 Days posts! Oh and there might be spoilers about so read at your own risk. For the most part though I think I’ve kept things as spoiler free as possible. :)



Now I liked this anime but not as much as everyone else. I found most of it annoying in general. The characters irritated me like crazy with their endless whining. Yeah I know they are kids but gees suck it up... >.< At least the gained maturity at the end of the show among pretty much all of the characters made the show worthwhile to sit through.

Who? Dominic and Anemone

Dominic and Anemone

Anemone and Dominic

Why they are adorable: She was a crazy bitch throughout the anime to him. Up till the end at least. He stayed by her side no matter what craziness she put him through. Sure unrequited love is cute but only for so long. You saw that he clearly cared for her more than she did for him at first.

Cummings and Liang from Canaan.

With the recent watching of Canaan right after watching Eureka Seven. It made me appreciate the love a man can have for a crazy lady even if she has no idea till the "end" that he truly is the only one to care for her in the world. Everyone else is just using her. Maybe I just have a thing for seriously good stories that involve unrequited love.

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