Day 11 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Day 11 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Eleventh up for The 12 Days of Christmas: romance moments is ef - a tale of memories. These 12 Days of Christmas posts aren't in any particular order. I just choose moments that actually made me feel all warm and squishy inside. Be sure to check out animemiz’s scribbling's and Desu ex Machina's and Memories of Eternity and Unmei Kaihen's blogs for more 12 Days posts! Oh and there might be spoilers about so read at your own risk. For the most part though I think I’ve kept things as spoiler free as possible. :)


This show has amazing music, pretty animation, and one character I like. Alright maybe that's not the best of reasons to like an anime but those are the only things that kept me watching it.

Who? Kyosuke and Kei

Kyosuke and Kei

Why they are adorable: He really wants her to be in a movie that he is going to make and pesters her till she agrees. He randomly sees her getting injured on the basketball court and instantly thinks she is stunning with the look she has on her face. After when they are in the nurses office she starts to explain about how she is feeling and he starts recording. She gets angry about this but he persists in telling her why he wants to express his feelings to the world through his movies. They eventually grow feelings for one another over this bonding experience.

I would!!!

Maybe it's just me but if a cute boy like that asked me to be in a movie I'd jump at the chance. Sure I'd have the same feelings as she does (I'd suck at acting too I'm sure) but after him telling her that she doesn't need any of that, go for it! If ef was focused on my sexy delicious Kyosuke this anime would have been perfect. Step aside eye patch girl, your story along with your gay looking guy was boring. (ok not 100% boring but yeah :P) Give me a story about making videos any day.

Yeah indeed! *drools*

Can you tell that I really like Kyosuke








And since it's Christmas time here's a cute picture of the girls all seasoned up with their santa suits:P


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