Day 5 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Day 5 of The 12 Days of Christmas

Page 1 of the manga

Fifth for The 12 Days of Christmas: romance moments is Rose of Versailles. These 12 Days of Christmas posts aren’t in any particular order. I just choose moments that actually made me feel all warm and squishy inside. Be sure to check out animemiz’s scribbling’s and Unmei Kaihen and Eternal's blogs for more 12 Days posts and there are plenty of other ones out there as well! Oh and there might be spoilers about so read at your own risk. For the most part though I think I’ve kept things as spoiler free as possible. :)


This anime is old and charming. More people should watch this than be afraid of it because it doesn't have the pretty up to date animation of these days. Even the manga is charming in it's own way. Taking a look at the French Revolution this is not a story to pass up.



Who? Oscar and André


Oscar and André

Why they are adorable: What start out as a simple bond of friendship grows after many years together. They spent almost every moment together since childhood. André always had such great respect for Oscar and never bothered her with his true feelings till much much later on in life. After all there was more important things to worry about. Like saving France.

Oscar isn't your typical lady. She's a manly one. Ever since birth her father wanted a boy and was so disappointed when she wasn't one he demanded that she be raised like a man. With such tough standards to live up to Oscar prevailed in her manly attitude. This attracted not only men to her side but women as well. How André wasn't bothered by this (too much at least) is beyond me. He's a classy man and stood by his woman even though she didn't know she was his yet.

The complexity of their relationship was a pleasure to watch and I hope many others were as moved by their struggle as I was. If you haven't seen this amazing anime yet do so NOW!

Day 5 of The 12 Days of Christmas, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


4 Responses to “Day 5 of The 12 Days of Christmas”
  1. Shinmaru says:

    I watched Rose of Versailles for the first time this year. The animation itself is dated, sure, but the style itself is still bold and interesting. If this were released today, people would worship it.

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  2. chii says:

    I totally agree but I know lots of people that will not watch an anime that was made before the year 2000… so dumb….

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  3. Sabaku no Yana says:

    100% Agree. This art piece is an absolute MUST watch.

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