365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 13/365 Noriko Takaya

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 13/365 Noriko Takaya

Day 13/365

Noriko Takaya training

From the anime Gunbuster, Noriko Takaya is a girl that enlists to become a Gunbuster pilot to protect the galaxy. She is the daughter of a famous admiral who went missing during the early days of this war.

Why I like her: She keeps on trying no matter what the situation may be. The odds are overwhelming and make her want to run away but she prevails. Coach Ohta helps her out a lot along the way.

Why I hate her: She starts out as your typical clumsy bimbo character. So overdone even back in the 80's when this was made.

Overall: Noriko Takaya is one of the best in your face mecha gals. With hard work and lots of support from friends and her amazing partner Kazumi Amano the galaxy is in good hands. The images below will always be my favourite part of this series. A mecha training by pulling tires! Made me laugh a lot seeing this.

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