365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 22/365 Mr. Tanaka

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 22/365 Mr. Tanaka

Day 22/365

Mr. Tanaka

From the anime Neko Rahmen, Mr. Tanaka is a Japanese business man. One day he stumbles across a ramen shop owned by a cat named Taishou. Skeptical that a cat can make good ramen he goes in to try some. It's terrible...

Why I like him: He gives this cat a chance over and over again even though the food is terrible. He even tries to guide and help the strong willed Taishou out with his business endeavorers.

Why I hate him: He goes back again and again and complains that the food sucks! Why go back. I know the cat is awesome and all but seriously... Deep, deep, deep down I know he loves it and all I wanted him to do at the end was admit it to Taishou.

Overall: Mr. Tanaka complements Taishou's crazy awesome behaviour well with his cool calm attitude towards everything. Sure there are moments when he freaks out... But that might be needed in those odd situations with a cat that makes ramen.

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