365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 31/365 Urd

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 31/365 Urd

Day 31/365


From the anime Ah! My Goddess, Urd is Belldandy's and Skuld's older half sister. She is a Goddess that is half Demon which explains her unruly behaviour. Her angel is known as the World of Elegance. She has one white wing and one black wing.

Why I like her: She's a mixed breed with crazy emotional tendencies. Her potion obsession is pretty amusing as well. She gets energy from drinking sake as well. I like a gal that can drink. 😉

Why I hate her: She made this anime more awesome than it already was (OVA) I don't hate her.

Overall: Urd's sexiness brings hilarity to an anime about angels and goddesses that I never thought could happen. Mostly when you have heavenly beings involved sex is the last thing that is addressed or even thought about. Urd is one delicious lady.

Urd with World of Elegance

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3 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 31/365 Urd”
  1. Glo says:

    Urd is EASILY the greatest character from Ah My Goddess. She’s a bit crazy, a bit bitchy, and pretty much just awesome, unlike Belldandy who’s overly nice attitude and do-gooder facade makes me want to throw her threw a wall……a wall strategically placed on top of the tallest building.

    Urd has no faults, she is perfect. She should cameo in other shows.

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  2. chii says:

    100% agree! she is so awesome! (in my girl harem) XD

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  3. Lori says:

    I can easily say Urd is my favorite girl from AMG. I love the fact that she is a strong woman who is secure in herself as well. Although, the writer did wonderful to incorporate her demonic and goddess blood in her to make her even more amazing. She struggles with things and is confused about herself and whether she made the right choice to be a goddess or not. As stated in the manga; her two sides are constantly at war with each other inside of her and constantly cause her to be rather wary of herself.

    While I cannot say that I’d like to throw Belldandy into a wall as I also like Belldandy as well because of her kindhearted nature and her acceptance of people (if everyone in the world lived like Belldandy does, world peace would already be achieved), I like the relationships that are seen between Urd and her two sisters. While Skuld is annoying and rather quick to judge Urd for behaving the way she does and Urd is quick to retaliate with a verbal or even physical attack, Urd truly loves her youngest sister and is willing to do whatever it would take to protect her. Even go so far as to summon her angel back to help when Urd was terrified of it before.

    While Urd’s relationship with Belldandy is more on an even level of understanding and kindness from both parties, Urd is definitely fond of Belldandy. She willingly received a license suspension when going to get the item that was needed when her younger sister was poisoned (although as we all know, she got so caught up in riding the 8 legged horse that she forgot all about it) as well as constantly trying to help Belldandy and Keiichi (although normally causing problems). On top of this, Urd also has even stated that she looks up to Belldandy, admitting this showing that she is not afraid to say she looks up to a YOUNGER sibling.

    Urd is a complex and wonderful woman and brings a bit of playful energy to the AMG series that would be sorely missed were she not there.

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