Adventures with Naruto Part 1: Restart from the Beginning

Adventures with Naruto Part 1: Restart from the Beginning

I've been procrastinating with this show since it pretty much came out. It's childish ways just doesn't suit me when it comes to ninja's. I started the show up last year around November or so and watched about 15 episodes. I can honestly say I don't remember a thing about the show from those episodes. Which is never a good sign. Even if the show is a long running one (220 episodes), I should know what's happening in the show by the 15th episode at least.

So today with a lack of anything else of interest I wanted to start I decided to follow up on this journey through Naruto episodes. I have lots of people telling me not to bother and beware of fillers and so on. But honestly I kinda want to know what all the fuss is about. I truly know nothing about this series other than kids (young anime fans) love it, there's a lot of episodes to it (still airing), and it's about a ninja boy (in training). Oh yes, the manga is apparently way better than the anime but I don't care for manga that are super long (49 volumes and counting). Give me a one shot over that anyday.

First of all I notice the music... The first OP I consider to be one of the worst ever in anime. It makes my ears bleed... At least the ED is listenable but still weird in it's own way. The music during the show is pretty enjoyable though which is good. Intense power rock with flutes and drummers is really weird but pretty entertaining. Reminds me of Dynasty Warriors almost. The animation doesn't bother me. Animation *almost* NEVER bothers me. Hell I love Naked Woves and Kemonozume.

How odd

Naruto with the scroll

Episodes 1

Training is taking place and apparently it's important to know how to turn into a girl? O.o While this is a little funny and all it's still pretty weird. We then are thrown into a random fight over some scroll that is important... I don't really know why it's important but maybe I still wasn't paying enough attention. Something about revenge... Overall I dunno how anyone would want to watch more after that pretty crappy introduction episode.

Teaching a random kid

More weird transformations...

Episode 2

Naruto takes on randomly training a little kid in his neighborhood. Boring and pretty pointless episode with more transforming into a girl. Filler starts here? O.o

Didn't expect that 3 episodes in XD

Potty humour will always make me laugh

Episode 3

Love is in the air... already and potty humour. From first kisses to broken hearts I'm not sure what happened.

I really like this classroom

He hates them XD

Episode 4

I rather enjoy this ninja school they go to. It's so interesting for some reason. Especially the classroom it's self. Their teacher is pretty funny as well saying he hates then all. In this episode we also see the first "Thousand years of pain" joke done as well. It's going to be a long series. XD


3 Responses to “Adventures with Naruto Part 1: Restart from the Beginning”
  1. Again, I wish you good look… ‘Til ep 50 or 60 this series go well but then… I hope you like it ’cause if you don’t, is a fair dropped. No one could blame you XD

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  2. chii says:

    I’d blame myself though. I’ve sat through worse. this is nothing tbh. on episode 23 and counting so far XD

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  3. I dropped this at ep 183… The filler amount was so disgusting, I just couldn’t take it no more…

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