Adventures with Naruto Part 2: 2 Recap Episodes

Adventures with Naruto Part 2: 2 Recap Episodes

Watching this show it's better to think of it as episodic with hidden plot here and there. Very little gets relieved (if ever). I can't say I'm enjoying this series but I don't hate it either. I'll take a shounen action over a shoujo magical girl anyday. I don't really have a favourite character but if I had to choose someone who irritated me the least it would be their leader of team 7 Kakashi Hatake. His carefree badass attitude is pretty awesome.

There is only one look he has even when sick in bed

The music has grown on me a lot more than I though it would. I still hate the OP with a passion but the rest is super cool. I have yet to run into much filler unless people consider long battles as that. (I personally don't) Tad irritating that they take so long but whatever. If Dragon Ball can get away with it (kinda), Naruto can too. One thing that drives me crazy is recap episodes. I would understand if they did it at like episode 50 or something. But to have not only 1 but 2 in 26 episodes is a little too much for me. I know recaps help when the show is current airing and whatnot but actually watching a bunch in a row just to be told what you watched 2 hours ago is a little silly to me.

This batch I watched episodes 5-26. I have no desire to go through what happened in each episode in detail so I'll do it the quick way. Yay note form.

Episode 5

Nothing happened. More training basically.

Drunk bridge builder


Episodes 6 - 9 (teehehe)

Ninja missions: Protect a drunk man who builds brigdes. We find out that Kakashi Hatake has some weird eyeball power which is why he wears his

headband the way he does. A battle begins with some dude from the water clan.

Easy as pie

Episode 10-13

Ninjas are healing after their battle. They run up trees (more ninja practice). They meet a little boy with his mom.

Episodes 14-16

Recap.... for half the episode then battle with a person that controls ice begins plus the water clan dude is back.

Episode 17

The ice person tells their sad story. Naruto, because he is so enrages, brings out the power of the nine-tailed demon fox that he has been the host of since birth. (that explains the whiskers on his face... sadly I just put that together this episode...)

Episodes 18 - 19

*Spoiler* Death of the baddies *Spoiler*

Episodes 20-23

(Filler?) I actually don't know what happened in these episodes.

Ninja school still makes me giggle

Teacher of Part 1... He's a torture expert 😐

Episodes 24-25

Start ninja written test part 1.

Teacher of Part 2 of the test

Episode 26 (Special 45 minute episode)

Recap.... for first half. Second part of the ninja test begins.

First of all that eye thing of Kakashi Hatake's is pretty cool! Second, I enjoyed the battle with the ice dude very much. His story actually made me feel a little sad. Other than those 2 points I really don't have much more to say. The story is moving along slowly and so far this just seems to be about a boy learning to become a ninja with his friends. Which is fine and dandy but I need a little more awesome to be satisfied.

P.S. that's right I blogged about Naruto on my Birthday XD


4 Responses to “Adventures with Naruto Part 2: 2 Recap Episodes”
  1. The fight with the “water clan’s dudes” was amazing. My second favorite in the whole series.

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  2. Yi says:

    I think the exam part was one of the highlights of early Naruto before Shippuuden.

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  3. chii says:

    gees that says a lot about the show :S

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