Chu-Bra - 01

Chu-Bra – 01

When loli's teach about panties

I counted roughly 33 pantsu shots in this episode not including the terrible OP, ED, and preview for episode 2. With that said I don't have much more "deep" thoughts to add to this episode.

She loves undergarments!

It mainly was about a chick who likes "adult" underwear or just underwear in general. She falls and flashes everyone her black lacy panties and gets the rest of the girls all excited about "adult" underwear. They follow her around trying to sneak another peek at her pantsu but end up becoming friends in the end. Breast fonding included. That's how girls become friends right? Lets not forget about talking suffering nipples....

The look a girl clearly gets before she needs to...

Grab her some boobs...

Grab her some ass...

I'm not so disturbed that they made an entire anime about girls liking panties and bras... I'm more disturbed that they made it about 12 year olds at school!!! That is down right nasty and I hate thinking about all the creepy otaku out there that are going to fap to these young girls. Then again this is anime... This is going to be the worst show of winter for sure and I haven't even seen everything else that comes out yet!

Chu-Bra - 01, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


6 Responses to “Chu-Bra – 01”
  1. Kitsune says:

    Too many pantsu…

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  2. Canne says:

    Sounds like disaster!
    Having a front runner for the ‘worst anime of the year’ title appearing less than a week after new years day!

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  3. tripperdan99 says:

    LOL, I can see your point for sure. I guess I’m of demented back ground that I found it hilarious. I haven’t given much thought to the age range. Guess I was focused on the situational comedy aspect of the show.

    Good review!


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  4. Nomad says:

    lol it looks highly disturbing!

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  5. i think this anime is funny and educational, i had no idea bras had such importance, sure it may have been better if they werent Junior high girls, and that one long haired girl who know WAY too much for her age was a little much… but still this anime has its place, now whether or not it becomes as long and blandly repetitive as Naruto or Bleach, no this wont be a huge hit anime, but i still look forward to when episode 10 is realeased March 8th if anyone cared

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