Chu-Bra 03-04

Chu-Bra 03-04

I sense a wind

Tracking pantsu

mmmm that's some nice pantsu

Hayama's internal radar for tracking people's pantsu down is really weird. Just thought I'd start off by saying that. 😛 This episode featured a lot more of Komachi, but that didn't make the show any less awkward to watch. For such a carefree show it certainly has a lot and I mean a LOT of information about pantsu and bra proper fitting. Almost too much in fact. I personally felt a little weird while watching this with my boyfriend sitting next to me.


So while the first half of the show focused on Komachi trying to tell Hayama that he would not loose again to her, the second half focused on the girls trying to decide on which club to join. So they tried the crafts club, but their weird ideas about making underwear creped out not only the teacher (whom is a giant bitch) but the students in that club as well. They shouted that it would be embarrassing because boys would be around. To see their work because they have a huge show once a year with all their creations. Sad about these reactions, Hayama runs away from them for making her feel bad about her idea. After that encounter one of her friends suggests that they should form their own club. A underwear club.

She disaproves, Tsukamoto-sensei

She approves, Mizuno Tamaki

Hayama Nayu goes to ask the teachers if she could start her own club. She is told she needs 9 other members to join in order for it to be allowed. The art teacher is very against this idea of hers of course and always makes her feel bad for wanting to do it. The new busty teacher is interested in this girls idea and will likely become the supervisor of the club when members are gathered.

Cute but O.o why are they here??

Oh and I gotta say here that the animals running around randomly in each episode is rather weird. I'm not sure what their purpose is in the show other that filling a little bit of time.

Episode 2 brings us to full on promotion of this pantsu club. First they start at Hayama's home with planning. Weird awkward planning. They are going to have an intro fitting explaining meeting to get people interested in the club... ok... That idea is oddly thanks to Komachi. (he's not at this meeting XD)





Oh and I can't forget how the episode actually started off with Shiraishi Haruka, whom has GIANT big boobs at I assume the same age as the lead (12).... All the boys are making fun of her because of her huge mammaries, or they end up fawning over her. This of course makes her feel super insecure. But that's ok, Jinguuji Yako's small boobs make her feel the same way. I'll never understand why girls care how big their boobs are. Attention wanting?

So big for 12 lol

The big boobed teacher is a target of Hayama's random groping for this episode. Which is weird because she does it in front of Komachi who actually wants nothing to do with this.

I lold

Weird staring of a teachers butt by a little girl

Finally gets her groapage in

In the end a lot of girls showed up to this intro meeting. They had a lot of questions for Hayama which made her super happy. The only downfall was that there were some peeping toms that ended up chasing everyone away. Of course the bitchy teacher gets involved at this point and shoots Hayama's idea down for trying to start this club of hers up even more. Calling them attention seeking of boys and so on. Depressed the girls go to a... underwear shop? O.o Here Hayama once again proves her pantsu intelligence with answering questions about weird undergarments until the girls spot a pair that Hayama has never seen before. They are of course are...

End episode lol. I can only imagine what weirdness the next episode will hold.

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