Hanamaru Youchien - 02-03

Hanamaru Youchien – 02-03

My goodness I don't think I could be a kindergarten teacher. All that whining, carrying on and mischief. I'm a pretty patient person but I think doing that everyday would drive me bonkers. I noticed in the first episode that the girls were wearing diapers. (I assume anyway) I think this is a way to get around not showing their panties or something because the boys aren't wearing any unless they are under their shorts. So since the girls are all wearing skirts and super energetic they would show their panties a lot. I'm glad they did it this way as they don't have to be as restricted with their movements.

Skirts for girls, shorts for boys

Going down the slide brought back more memories of kindergarten for me. My father built our play structure at our school for us with a bunch of other fathers of the community. That big red slide was just like that yellow one in the show. Makes me wanna go to a park and ride the slides again.

Mine was red

My favourite character by far would be Hiiragi. She is super adorable and reminds me of me when I was that age haha. I wish I had her adorable little sleeping outfits... even now XD I'd so wear those to bed. Possibly anywhere... XD

Tiger suit from episode 1

Bear suit

House cat suit

A child's imagination about monsters in the dark is a cute thing. The eyes sure like to play tricks on you at that age.


Oh! It's just garbage!

This ending for episode 2 is awesome!

The 3rd episode's ending was different as well. I like what they are doing with the ED's 😀

This episode is all about love triangles. Anzu X Yamamoto-sensei X Tsuchida-sensei apparently. Kids have such wild imaginations.

Must get inbetween teacher love!

Hiiragi teaches about love triangles

I don't know how or why but Japan still managed to make something so very, very wrong in this sweet, innocent, cute little show. *facepalms*

So wrong...

At least Hiiragi had a new suit this episode. I look forward to them. This show is really good at being super cute but not vomit inducing cute. I look forward to what wonderful memories they will bring out from my past in the next episodes.

Panda kitty suit!

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