Ladies versus Butlers! - 01 - PreRelease

Ladies versus Butlers! – 01 – PreRelease

Not for ecchi loving otaku it isn't!

So I went into this expecting yes maids and "some" ecchi. What I got was basically Kanokon with maids, in a school setting. OUCH. I hated Kanokon and my ecchi/fanservice tolerance, while it's pretty high, it has to be tasteful! This is just cliche crap over and over again. I was calling out each and every move. Tsundere, clumsy maid, loli that just looks like one, girl from his childhood who clearly wants to marry "him", and many many more....

This is pretty much the only expression Hino Akiharu can make.

Well I'll get to who "him" is now. Hino Akiharu just transfered to Hakurei-Ryou Academy. Upon his arrival to the school he meets Miss Flameheart. Who has hair that is HUGE and looks like a  croissant. Because of her hair she gets the nick name "drill". She instantly gets angry about a male being on the premises and proceeds to chase him down. Sadly she gets mistakenly "assaulted" by him with some boob grabbing and ends up flashing her panties to him as well. He ends up running more from her and basically ends up mistakenly "assaulting" pretty much every girl he comes into contact with. I'm not sure if it's actually assault if they are just fainting from what I can only assume no boy contact ever but whatever. From the 19 year old loli whom he basically strangles, to the preppy girl that just has to strip in front of him because he spilled tea on her boobs.

Pantsu shot #1 out of who knows how many!

Boob grab #1 out of who knows how many!

Loli smothering...

Spilling tea on girls causes them to...


Interrupting his strip tease is the clumsy maid in training who clearly can't do anything right. But most otaku wish they were in his possition with what happens because of her climbsy self.

First the fall

Then the landing

Face to ass shot

Crotch to face shot

You sure are

Finally his running comes to an end when he comes into "contact" with his childhood friend Suzuhashi Tomomi, who wishes to be called Saikyo now for some reason. Her intentions are clear right from the beginning of her appearance. Marriage. She is the one that explains to all the girls that Hino Akiharuis indeed here at their school to train to become a butler. Everyone seems to be okish with that answer except miss croissant "drill" buns.

"Contact" with Saikyo

Clearly everyone is a little upset

It's good to have goals

Possibly evil ones

Fun bath time

Yuri bath time

Loli bath time

Afterwards it randomly cuts to girls bathing... Then to Hino Akiharuis walking into his room where his room mate Daichi Kaoru appears, just wearing a towel, gets frustrated and randomly warns him not to interfere with his life. ok... I put a his here because I'm sure he's a boy despite the trap look. I could be wrong though.

ummm ok..

I noticed that there was a lot of pantie shots and boob jiggling too in this episode. You could even see the nipples showing through the blouses. I can only imagine what the series will be like uncensored. Just thought I'd point that out... Fans of ecchi look no further your next fix is here! It's going to be a long winter with this series... Possibly fun like Saikyo says.


uh oh. lol

Ladies versus Butlers! - 01 - PreRelease, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


8 Responses to “Ladies versus Butlers! – 01 – PreRelease”
  1. My Dear Lord… I was watching this at yesterday afternoon and it was like… A fucking hentai trying to cheat me playing the ecchi rol? No, no, no. I’m not so easy. It have to give me something better than that. Boobs? I’ve watched a lot of them. Panty shots? Tenjou Tenge has so much better. Butlers? I prefer a demon one.

    And the misunderstood thing, too old.

    Totally agree with you, cliche over cliche. I’m waiting for Darker than Black OVAs so I really don’t need lolicon. Hei is enough for me.

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  2. Omurqi says:

    There’s a fine line between ecchi shows I like and dislike it seems. I enjoyed Kanokon, but this… ugh, clichetastic.
    Can’t say I didn’t enjoy following it though, deciphering the German subs i accidentally downloaded was quite entertaining.

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  3. XD You’re so lucky. Find something interesting in that show is a thing that you can only do without understand the language…

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  4. Yi says:

    So much fanservice. I think the screenshots say it all.

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  5. Jonti_swe says:

    Haha I love Ladies versus Butlers. It’s not just super ecchi and moe, which I like a lot, it actually also has a lot of humour in least in my opinion. If you don’t like ecchi/moe and stuff like that you’re probably not gonna like this that much though, but I do like that kind of stuff. And as I said it’s funny at the same time.

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