Ladies versus Butlers! - 03 - 04

Ladies versus Butlers! – 03 – 04

An interesting partner card is needed in order to take the servant-ed exams for students. This card must be freely given and Tomomi gave hers to Akiharu right away but croissant hair wanted to give him hers as well. Somehow this was all according to Tomo's plans... This girl is a weird one.

Guess you'll have to give your card to the next guy...

Ok maybe not... what a weirdo...

Once they get into the exam the teacher tells them that the servant must do whatever their partner says. Simple enough. But the ever scheming Tomo has something up her sleve like always. She orders Akiharu to keep Ousawa Mimina, a very amazing artist that goes to their school, company for the whole day.

uh oh

Akiharu got off easy for once compared to these 2

Surprisingly this episode didn't have nearly as much fanservice in it as I though it would from pictures I had seen prior to watching the episode. Because of those pictures (see below) I actually put off watching this for a while. In fact those pictures were the only part of fanservice for this episode and it was only 3 still shots of croissant hair's weird wild imagination.



This episode mostly just revolved around listening to Mimina whine about how people only care about her hands because of how valuable they are to her art. Oh and they chased a cat around a lot because that is what she REALLY wanted to draw.

Cute kitty

All she wants to draw is cats

P.S forgot about the loli look alike shower scene... That was SO not needed haha


Episode 4 brings us yet another new character. Enter our dark skinned beauty, Ayse Khadim and her super obnoxious caretaker/bodyguard, Hedyeh. What the last episode lacked in fanservice this one picks up the slack greatly.

Ayse Khadim with bodyguard Hedyeh

Akiharu of course gets full on into trouble with this girl by accidentally walking in on her while she is changing... In a classroom... Thus he gets to see an eye full of skin and luxury undergarments. I gotta say I liked those pantsu and bra combo myself . According to her strict family traditions he now has to marry her because no man may see the skin of a lady unless they are to unite.

Pretty ^_^

Hedyeh is pretty crazy

Of course this leads to all kinds of interesting positions err I mean situations with her now because she is determined to become his bride. Again Tomo schemes away under pretend caring about the reputation of the school and gets croissant hair all riled up. Oddly enough in the end Khadim just gives up and wishes to wait for the day that he'll love her or something. O.o Not before trying to violate him in the infirmary of course.


Double captured

Most men would kill to be in this situation

oh... ok...

This show is pure silly. I can't take it seriously and really, no one should. It's suppose to make you laugh and facepalm at the situations that arise for our odd main man. The animation is really pretty for the most part as well. Really enjoying that part of the show.

Showing her panties is all she is good at

Awesome scenery shot


3 Responses to “Ladies versus Butlers! – 03 – 04”
  1. Patchos says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING? This show delivers the best facepalms ever. And Xebec can make pretty anime when they want.

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  2. Zogzog says:

    That pic with the book saying the stuff about women’s skin, what is it ?

    GD Star Rating
  3. chii says:

    i assume it’s Ayse Khadim’s religion book

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