Ookami Kakushi, Dance In The Vampire Bund, & Omamori Himari - 02 & 03

Ookami Kakushi, Dance In The Vampire Bund, & Omamori Himari – 02 & 03

Ookami Kakushi

Episode 2 nothing happened... like nothing. Well some stuff happened at the VERY end for like 2 minutes but it was more like a teaser trailer. I wish they'd get on with it because I'm starting to get super annoyed with the characters. There isn't one I like and I hope they all get killed by that scythe lady that hops around in the night. *grumbles* Hiroshi acts and looks like a girl too.

Slicey slice

Why does everyone like him???

Episode 3 they went on a picnic... Throw in some fanservice moments and that's all that happened in the first half.


Some super creepy parts by the really annoy blond chicks brother, Issei happened in the second part. He's weird and I want to find out more. Hiroshi got a fever from splashing around during the picnic and needed to go to the hospital for some medicine so Issei took him. They had a very interesting car ride back home.

Oh my!

Oh MY!

I think he wants a kiss

I think he doesn't want a kiss

Going in for that smooch!

Oh no the pretty orange dashboard scent maker got smashed in all the commotion.

The scent filled the car.

Eye crazed...

Back to "normal"

Erm... Sorry! Joking!

The episode ends with Issei smelling a shirt that Hiroshi was wearing as he waves to the kids going off to school together. LOL


So far there's not much to say about this show. It's slow but catchy somehow. I do hate all the characters but at least the odd moments with Issei make me laugh. I like weird sexual situations. XD I think that the oranges are showing some sort of foreshadowing... but I could be totally wrong about that. The pills make me wonder too. They drew too much attention to them.

Hiroshi taking his medicine.

Issei taking some medicine after the weirdness.













Dance In The Vampire Bund

Episode 2 Vampires have never interested me and this anime isn't drawing me in with that. I don't overly enjoy the fanservice in it either. Was there really a point to that special oil that needed to be rubbed on Mina scene? I don't think so. I do like the male lead though, Akira. He's always questioning and has a hidden past that he can't rememeber. Sure that's a little cliche with the memory loss and all but he does find out that he is a werewolf part of the Earth clan, which is awesome. 😛


Saved the princess

Episode 3 picks up right where the last left off... they are in bed O.o and of course she goes to his school now... The rest of the students are not very happy about that. Turns out she is the Chairman of the school and declares Akira her servant. The student council President hates that Mina is at the school now and puts out a warrant for Akira's capture. In the end he wasn't caught and went back to Mina's place. During the night something terrible happened to the student council President that Mina was clearly aware of.

A very unhappy student President

Maybe lol





What the...

Omamori Himari

Episode 2 beach episode starting off with going shopping for swimsuits. At least the ED is cute... Shizuku failed to kill the "demon slayer" which made her demon buddies angry at her and want to replace her if she can't finish the job. uh oh!

How does it go from this...

...to this? How'd she get her top back on?








Better not fail again Shizuku





Episode 3 after some bath play they go to work in a cafe for the rest of the episode. The fanservice continues.

Bathtime is so much fun

Kitty maid

Blushing maid


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  1. Omurqi says:

    Ugh yea, the shows are as bad as they look >_> I wonder what Ookami Kakushi is trying to pull, I mean, it looks FUGLY, but is pretty when it wants to be.

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