365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 43/365 Pete Pumps

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 43/365 Pete Pumps

Day 43/365

Pete Pumps

From the anime Ginban Kaleidoscope, Pete Pumps is a 16 year old Canadian who is training to become a pilot. Due to some unfortunate circumstances he died. He floated up to heaven but was told to come back in 100 days. He fell back down to earth and woke up in Sakurano Tazusa's head as a ghost. She is a figure skater competing to get into the Olympics for Japan and now has to deal with this odd little predicament.

Why I like him: He is the perfect example of the stereotypical Canadian with the way he endlessly helps Sakurano without even thinking about himself first. His situation with her is amusing and I love that she found out he hates tomatoes. What she eats, he eats too and tastes!

Why I hate him: I've thought about this for 5 hours now... I can't think of anything.

Overall: This short 12 episode anime I had heard of only because there was a Canadian in it. I highly suggest people check this show out. I didn't know a show about figure skating could be so interesting. A great anime to get into the Olympic spirit to as well! 😀

Sakurano and Pete


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