365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 51/365 Jura Basil Elden

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 51/365 Jura Basil Elden

Day 51/365

Jura Basil Elden

From the anime Vandread, Jura Basil Elden is the squadron sub-commander for the Dread fighting force. She pilots the Dread "Vandread Jura" which looks like a crab when merged with Hibiki's Vanguard. She has strong feelings for Barnette.

Why I like her: She's fun and playful and always talks about having a baby. She has big boobs too... I think I have a thing for *good* big boobed characters. 😛

Why I hate her: She is a spoiled brat at times and needed a good smacking around because of her attitude.

Overall: Jura is by far one of the funniest characters in Vandread in my opinion. Her antics always keep the others on their toes when she's around. When she puts her mind to it she packs a pretty hard punch fighting wise as well yet she almost never lives up to her full potential because of how sheltered she is.


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  1. SabakunoYana says:

    Yes ma’am. She’s incredible. I love her ’cause… She’s insane XD In the other hand, I adore Hibiki ’cause he’s simply… Normal. What I love of this series, is the contrast. There are people well balanced and cuckoos that have to live together but at the end, they create an equilibrium.

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