Chu-Bra 05-06

Chu-Bra 05-06


No sister... you are suppose to change in your bedroom...

Weird brother sister action going on. I know they are close because of the death of their parents and that their weird grandma taught them to love the same things... But still it's just weird. Even the wetting of the bed after the parents died is a little weird. But then again she's a kid and I suppose these things happen. Growing up without parents can be tough for a lot of kids especially at that age.

It's sad when parents

leave children behind

Mizuno knows Hayama's brother from when they went to school together. She of course has a huge crush on him.

Komachi decides to visit Hayama at home to tell her that he wants to help her get the panty club going at school because he feels bad that (for some reason) he was responsible for it getting shut down to begin with. (even though he wasn't to blame). At this point Komachi is just punishing himself to be around things "womanly" that he wants nothing to do with.

Shocked that he is bowing to her... Honestly I was shocked too.

The girls start thinking about falling in love, in the bathtub of course... Hayama has never felt this feeling before and for some reason it makes her sad. Oddly it makes Shiraishi Haruka very happy that she hasn't felt love before. Might she possibly be a lesbian?

Never felt love before

Blushing? Does she have a thing for Hayama?

Enter bitchy girl Amahara Kiyono, who wants to learn about what "real" woman pantsu are like. Meaning lingerie. Sexy panties that make men's head spin. She is in it for the feminess of panties instead of comfort. She gets into an agrument with Hayama saying that appeal to others over functionality is the best way for panties and bras to be.

Amahara Kiyono

Skirt lift!

Skirt flip!

Since they are "boring" panties they must GO!!!

We randomly had a school inspection to make sure kids are wearing the right length skirts, no makeup, no hair dye, etc. I find this odd because we never did that at our school. But I suppose in the Japanese schools it's quite normal. We never had those medical exams in school either. Then again this might just be an anime thing as well. I'll be doing some research on this for sure.

Waiting in the inspection line thinking about...

Boob teacher gives a show in front of the mirror!

Caught you!

It's time to learn how to make a bra with all the different parts!


Bra parts!

Despite the awkward moments this anime seems to give me, it's a rather cute tale about growing up as a girl with "odd" interests and being looked at like you are the weird one of the flock. I still am not overly enjoying the show but at least it makes me nervously laugh sometimes.

Gotta end the post with my favourite random animals running around the school grounds.

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