Dance In The Vampire Bund 04-05

Dance In The Vampire Bund 04-05

Blood samples, naked screenings, more testings, going through their things/luggage. Almost makes you think of getting on a plane in the USA. 😛 And I bet they'd love to do this kind of thing too. Anyway this episode had a lot of jumble to it and provided more background information about vampires. Also we had the princess tell all of Japan her demands in a conference.

Can only imagine how airports would handle this XD

Note 1: The princess rules all the vampires. If she dies the rest of the vampire race shall die with her. Somehow. I suppose they are all linked in the same vampire fashion we have come to know and love. One master with lots and lots of underlings. This of course, does not mean that she controls them all.

The princess demands: she wants all of japan to be owned by her because she has already sunk in so much money into businesses / structures etc. Interesting. And weird at the same time. She wishes to complete her "bund" where vampires can live happily. lol...

Confrence time! Better put on your best gothic lolita dress!

Keeping with the USA terror theme this episode seems to have going for it; there is a bomb threat for the princesses conference and her loyal dog must sniff out the bomb so it isn't too late. Oddly this terror attack wasn't by humans but by a vampire. Yet she wasn't a vampire at first which is how she got into the conference. Some vampire attacked her in her hotel room to turn this poor journalist lady into one of them and use her at will to carry a bomb in.

This turns you into....

.... This of course. Nice fangs!








A "Fangless" child

Note 2: There are vampires known as Fangless, which are vampires who have taken out their fangs and refuse to drink human blood. Very interesting that other vampires that have come to embrace their new found power have not killed the fangless ones off.

End episode picture. I kinda like it!

The school part of the series is what I do not like the most. I think of it as needless filler... Other kids are finally asking what happened to the student president at school and have picture proof that she was attacked by vampires. Not only that though, they are other vampires besides the princess in the school. Mr. Wolf gets a taste first hand of them as they attacked him because they wish of him to stay away from the princess.

When did they take these pictures and why didn't they help her...

Why do all general "baddies" in vampire form look like this?

Note 3: Vampires have no taste buds. I find that very interesting for some reason...

Who that be? Sexy lady from dreams.

You as well interest me.







I like this one. She reminds me of Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu. Which is awesome because I loved that show.

I still am on the fence with this show. It's love/hate or should I say like/hate because there isn't love here that's for sure. It's entertaining though and I'm deeply interested in where it's headed.

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