Hanamaru Youchien 04-05

Hanamaru Youchien 04-05

It's LUM!

Oh boy lots and lots of other anime references in this episode! Lum for sure. Kenshin or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei possibly? Antique Bakery I think? I'm sure there was something else as well but yeah.













This one is adorable!!!

That little date during recess was cute too. I liked the mud coffee... XD I use to make that too. I dunno how this show keeps finding random things that I seriously thought only I did as a kid.

Delicious mud coffee!

The perfect way to end a date is wishing upon a shooting star!

Second act and Tsuchida has take a personal day so Yamamoto fills in taking his class into hers for the day. I always likes substitute teachers in school because it was a like a day off. Sure they try to keep up with the lesson but in reality everyone just sits back and has a lot of fun all day. Anzu took this opportunity to be teachers little helper for the day doing anything and everything that she could to help Yamamoto out.

Double the trouble for Yamamoto

Never fear teachers helper Anzu is here!








I found it really odd that teacher lady would leave to go to the "bathroom" and leave that annoying little kid in charge. I know she wanted to give her the feeling of "being in charge" but I don't think that was a correct way to do it. I actually use to be like that though... always wanting to help the teacher. I even use to stay inside during recesses and cleaned stuff up for them... I was a weird kid but I suppose every kid wants to be useful in some way at that age. Eventually the day ends and most of the children go home but Anzu wishes to stay behind and help out more. It ends up turning into a little pep girl talk where Anzu brings her worries to the table that Yamamoto will steel away Tsuchida from her because she is so pretty. Yamamoto assures Anzu that she is way cuter than she ever could be and somehow Anzu is happy with that answer. lol kids.

Serious girl talk always ends in pinky swears

When Tsuchida gets back after attending a wedding he is dismissed immediately at the end of the episode because all the girls have taken a liking to Yamamoto because she is a girl and they had "girl talk" a lot while he was gone so there is NO boys allowed! Super cute because that is very VERY typical at that age when it comes to school. Even more adorable because Yamamoto played along.

Silly daydreams XD









Here is yet another amazing ED!


Detective Conan, Evengelion, and Fullmetal Alchemist are what I spy in this episode. I rather like the cute references to other anime it this adorable little show. I also spy a Death Note reference as well... or maybe that was just me looking too hard.

Nice Makoto XD

hehehe awesome








Oh noes it's Sachiel! RUN!

Ishbal is under attack! RUN!

Chips+dark room? Death Note? Maybe?

I don't quite understand how the kids are able to stalk him around town and their parents not worry... Then again Anzu's mom is secretly following them so I suppose they are safe. I just know my parents would NEVER let me wander around town like that alone and I'm sure lots of other parents would agree with that. Of course it's not like the children don't get distracted at every corner while in stalk mode. So it's probably even better that Anzu's mom was stalking them in return. XD

Spying on Tsuchida

Spying on the kids








The random encounter with the trash thug mafia type guys who have signs on their backs with safety pins was VERY random.


... -.-







These cute little things followed that odd scene with the trash thugs... They make me think of Dango's and instantly made me rage.

Little kids falling in love with others is cute. Well not so much love at that age but crushes. Especially if the boy/girl is in the same class.The girls gather around to figure out a way to help their friend confess to this boy before something terrible happens like moving away or alien abduction.


What if he moves away? Oh no!

What if aliens abduct him? Oh no!








Anzu's big way to help her friend confess was to tell her to tell him "hold me" because that's how her mom did it with her day. Kids don't even understand what that means at that age. At least it all works out in the end and they run off to play in the school yard together.

She doesn't even know what she just asked!

At least Anzu is happy about it.









And of course we are given yet another cute ED. I'll never get tired of how awesome these are. I think they are one of the best parts of this show! 😀

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