Ladies versus Butlers! 05 - 06

Ladies versus Butlers! 05 – 06

Wow that was a terrible first speech... all that giggling hurt my head and I wanted to punch her through the screen. The schemer Tomomi and croissant hair were tied when they first entered the school but it seems that Tomomi is ahead now and this drives croissant hair bonkers. It takes her everything to stay polite for the most part when it's clear that she is totally pissed off. Competing to be best at everything and anything is silly I find. Croissant hair jealous over grades where Tomomi is jealous over looks. Everyone is different... I don't understand why people always have to get pissed over that...

Left in the dust grade wise

Left in the dust boob wise



Clumsy maid girl is the sister of the girl that frequently ends up stripping for no reason... Coincidence? I think not.

We have to meet the clumsy maid quota for the episode.


"flat" chest can't do...

...What boob monster chest can!

They get stuck in the hot spring room (because the school is having water issues). Why is thee a hot spring room to begin with that is "hardly" ever used??? Silliness and fanservice commence!

Oh my... lol

Naked man time for all the ladies watching

Servants will crossdress to act as escorts for the ladies. The maids of course will  dress as males while the butlers have to dress as females or as something they will find out later... Why I'm not sure... The truth about Daichi is finally reveled that he is in fact a she. She is definitely not pleased that she must dress as a girl. They go on to study a little more. Food preparation and then onto wrestling. You need to be strong enough to fight off a possible attacker of your master after all. Finally they bring the girls more dresses for their ball where more silly situations occur.

Oh clumsy maid strikes again

You must wrestle to protect your masters

Clearly too close for Daichi

Removal of thread of course means...

...Boobies will pop out!

How thoughtful... Fake tits.

This is the episode for Daichi to really start to annoy me. If you are going to "pretend" you are something you are not don't act like a giant douche bag to everyone around you because you have to do something that will possibly blow your cover. You choose to act this way. Suck it up. This "small" boob complex I will NEVER understand either. Especially since it's not being noticed by the dumb Akiharu.


Will he notice?


Despite the annoyances the show still manages to make me laugh.

I think this oddball needs to be featured more XD

Scenery is still pretty too.


One Response to “Ladies versus Butlers! 05 – 06”
  1. Patches says:

    No comment about the sister’s bra? I thought it was pretty! 😡

    Yeah, episode six was a little weak, but that’s mostly because Daichi is so painfully unoriginal (see why I referenced Mai-HiME as soon as I saw him?).

    I’d like clumsy maid girl to get some development. She’d be funnier if she wasn’t so one-dimensional (on the K-On! theme, I think that’s what made Yui so funny was that her character was so mercurial–LOOK IT UP). Still, the show is good fun. And BOOOOOOBIIIIEEEESSSSS!

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