Ookami Kakushi 04-05

Ookami Kakushi 04-05

Nothing wrong with a little kissing in the ally way. Right?

I don't know what it is about this anime but I can not take it seriously for the life of me. It tries to be serious too which makes it even harder. I think it's mainly because the characters are not likable at all for me. Maybe it's the sexual desire that this disease or whatever is happening in the town gives off. It's trying really hard to be all mysterious but it just comes out as funny with how they are portraying it.

"The Parading Red Firefly"

There be those oranges again

Will you ever get to have your way with him?

Maybe not she's so going to get in the way ;_;







I don't have much to say about episode 4 except I'm happy they showed what goes on at night a little more. "The Parading Red Firefly" is the weird urban legend of these mysterious people whom murder by night. And they seem to go after people who have "fallen in love" or something... Hiroshi was around to witness their appearance tonight but suddenly they vanished with all evidents gone except the girl's (from the very beginning of the episode kissing her boyfriend) hair clip with a spot of blood upon it.

Spying on creepy people isn't good

Very very creepy people...








You might end up dead like her

Issei seems to be having the love reaction or something because it's starting to make him go crazy. He'll soon probably end up like the girl from the last episode. Or there might possibly be more to his situation than meets the eye. Suzu's brother complex grows with this issue of his. I love how he still has the sweater that Hiroshi was wearing always wrapped around his body as well.

Slowly going crazy...

...and they know it...







On the prowl again!

This is just funny now








Got ya!

mmm love drool








Boo that kiss should have been for Hiroshi

But the better of the disease got to him and the night killer came for him. I enjoyed his stalking of Hiroshi though. Too bad the girl who confessed her love to him earlier got in the way. 😛 Suzu mourns for her brother because he was killed. I'll miss him too don't worry little Suzu.

We got to see her face! I'd be sad too if I just killed the most entertaining cast member.

Odd things to leave someone when you just killed their brother. XD

"Brother was murdered" It's ok little Suzu I miss him too but you knew it was coming.








I want the oranges explained now please. ^_^

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