Sora no Woto 05 - 06

Sora no Woto 05 – 06

Lets start off with my favourite part of the series so far! Shuko the owl!


We start off with the military girls playing "war". Then onto mail time. Phylicia then decides with Rio that it is time for some "training" disguised as a "field trip". The girls are forced to carry lots of heavy gear to 3 old observation devices to make sure they are still in working condition. Mio tells them if it gets too much Kana can blow on her trumpet. And also warns the girls that there are wild animals out there. Kureha immediately tries to take her gun out to protect them. Mio whaps both of their hands away and sends them on their way.

Already trying to give up

Must kill all animals before they get me

Observation #1

As they stopped to play around in a riverbed, their backpacks were torn opened by an unknown. Something is out there. A boar? Or worse? The compass has mysteriously gone missing too! Now they must find their way to the mountain top on their own. Hunger strikes the girls as soon as they start walking. Kana sees a tree of berries and wants to eat them but they must go on! They find goal 2 and continue to onward to goal 3.


Sneaky, sneaky

It is clear that Rio took their compass. This is yet another test for these girls to see if they can survive and make it without help. Because of the sunset Kana finds the last goal and runs on after it. Once getting there they see first hand what No Man's Land looks like. A battle field filled with old debris from fighting long ago.

There's the last goal

"No Man's Land"

Signatures of past maidens

Phylicia appears from behind the observation and tells the girls that all the past fortress maidens came to this last place to see it at least once.

There be a boar!

Flash back a tiny bit to when Rio was stalking the girls to makes sure they were getting along ok. She too was tempted by the berries that Kana was and thought it would be a nice treat for the girls at the end of their goal. She stumbles down to the tree and starts to reach for the branch, she notices a set of eyes watching her and with a snort she sees that boar the girls were talking about. She fought that big tough boar to get the girls those yummy berries. Dirty but a winner she presents the berries to everyone as they all bath in the spring together. This is actually one of the best hot spring episodes I have ever seen.

Hot spring time!

I am simply in love with this little town. It is so picture friendly and just plain quaint. Kana goes out on the town because today was her big payday. The rest of the girls stay home to play mafia... I don't quite get it but ok. They must defend some wine from being inflamed to crazy prices. Or something. Very random. Fanservice always finds it's way into this anime. 😛

Misho is a girl in the town that misses her family greatly. She is sad because Kana can go out and get presents for her family but she can't find the one thing that was left over from her mother before she passed away. We flash back to her and her mother sitting on the floor with a box brushing their hair and putting it into braids. Her mother told her on her death bed that she wouldn't be able to braid her hair anymore, so she must find a special person that is willing to do it in her place. Someone that wishes to love and protect her. That very box in her memories was within the treasure one of the towns ladies had taken from those mobsters earlier.

Cute drawing

Pretty darn close to the real thing

Happy kids from war torn families make everyone smile.

An old man at the church tells Kana that an "Invisible Reaper" attacked Misho's town which is why she is alone here now. The church took her in after her mother passed away and father never returned from war. What is this Reaper? Please tell me more.

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