365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 90/365 Gena

Day 90/365


From the anime Cheburashka Arere?, Gena is a crocodile who one days comes across Cheburashka in a shipment of oranges he recieves. Cheburashka has no idea what he is or where he came from.

Why I like him: He instantly accepts Cheburashka into his home and starts teaching Cheburashka things about daily living. They go on outings together often and even work together. Gena is one caring crocodile for randomly being tossed into this situation.

Why I hate him: I don't. He's awesome.

Overall: Check out this cute short anime. You may not think that 24 episodes is short but since they are only 2 minute episodes it is 😛

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Baka to Test to Shokanju 05-07

Baka to Test is the greatest surprise of the season for me. This post will just contain some amusing pictures and a few comments here and there. I split it into 2 parts as well because it was just too big with all the pictures to put into one.

These 2 pictures are one of the funniest parts that have started to show up in the series over several different episodes. hehehehe

Bench loving

Where we left off with the yaoi fun in episode 4 we must pick up with yuri fun in episode 5.

Clothing blown off

ohhh lala

Camera's have these issues too boys 😛

Pool clean up time. This episode was one of the best pool/swimming (beach) episodes I have ever seen. It actually made me laugh from start to finish and I think I'll be re-watching it at some point because it was just that awesome. It also has inspired me to make a post about these kind of episodes in anime. (to come at a much later date)

Jiggle jiggle

The first blood loss of the episode

It's a wonder how he is alive by the end of it all


She's like a shark!

A very evil shark... or mermaid perhaps? XD

We leave the pool to go have a bath. Now every bath episodes in anime generally have lots and lots of fanservice for males. But oddly I fount to be highly entertained by all the naked men trying to sneak a peek at the ladies.



Must end with everyone's favourite trap

We follow Shouko and Yuji to a random trip to the amusement park. A lovely date idea for one that has fallen in love. Too bad it's just a one sided love on Shouko's part. Very hilarious and we truly get to see a little more of Shouko's crazy lovestruck side for Yuji. Maybe a mock wedding can change his mind? XD Probably not.



Bride to be time!

Pretty bride

He can't deny that she looks beautiful


These 2 were always in the way for Yuji and Shouko throughout the entire episode and even made Shouko feel really bad about her feelings.

Not to worry though! Yuji will take care of them.

He likes her even if he won't admit it!

She'll get him someday!

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Baka to Test to Shokanju 08-12









More of the same old same old but this time we get to see a Code Geass and Evangelion parody. Quite entertaining.

Code Geass eye

Some sisters are pretty "special"

Sister sudden appearances. Never been a fan of this cause it's too predictable. But she is a treat to see because of her hilarious moments. I wouldn't expect anything less from this anime.

Love letters seem to be really popular in Japan still. I can't say I have ever received such a letter or even wrote one myself. Himeji writes said love letter but it ends up floating around from person to person. Luckily never opened. Yet...

The next subject is every students dream. The big test is coming up and the answers are available for all to see before the test actually begins. The only thing is... It's not suppose to be in circulation!

How heroic looking


A very angry teacher makes...

...Some very scared students








Twin faceoff!

More classroom battles continue to go on. Class F always pick weird rewards when they win I find. Must be part of a bigger plan for sure. That Yuji is a clever one even though he's stuck in this low class. At the end of the episode Yuji proclaims that he wishes to show that grades aren't everything which is why he continues to fight. I love it. Yuji is awesome.


I love these eyes








The problem

The solution

Yuji decides it's time to try and take class A down with the help of all the other classes of course. Even if they don't know it! The class battles are so much fun to see. I actually find myself rooting for class F to win all the time. With one episode left I can't wait to see how it turns out for this crazy bunch of students.

It's war time boys and girls! Class A here they come!

Man pantsu!









I'm stealing all your belts

Saved from possible death!





After climbing out of the pit on her own she...

...Wins the match for her class!

Darn it! So close! I can't wait to see what happens in the final episode.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 89/365 Nanako Yamamoto

Day 89/365

Nanako Yamamoto

From the anime Hanamaru Youchien, Nanako Yamamoto is a teacher at the Hanamaru Kindergaten that teaches the Peach Class. The newly added teacher, Tsuchida, ends up relying on her a lot for guidance and eventually his feelings grow stronger for her. She is kind and sweet which makes everyone around love her to bits, especially the children.

Why I like her: She's fun, energetic, and always has an idea or two that she can suggest. She cares greatly for everyone around her and always tries to help out when she can.

Why I hate her: Despite this as being part of her charm, her totally clueless attitude towards  Tsuchida's romantic feelings drives me bonkers.

Overall: Gold star!

Silly daydreams that I want to come true for them!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 88/365 Kobato Hanato

Day 88/365

Kobato Hanato

From the anime Kobato, Kobato Hanato is a mysterious girl from an unknown place. She seeks to heal the hearts of others to fill up a bottle given to her by Ioryogi. The only way she may fill it is with the suffering of those people's hearts that she heals. By doing this she will someday will be able to go to a certain place that she really wants to go.

Why I like her: Determined to get the job done even though she has no idea how, why, or what she is doing half the time. She has a very kind heart.

Why I hate her: Her interactions with Ioryogi, while I know it's for comedic relief, piss me off to no end for the most part.

Overall: If you are in for a little bit of mystery surrounded by a happy yet sad clumsy girl, this anime is for you.

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