365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 63/365 Higepiyo

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 63/365 Higepiyo

Day 63/365


From the anime Higepiyo, Higepiyo (lol) is a chick with a beard that gets brought home from a fair by Hiroshi, a elementary school student. Together they go on many "manly" adventures!

Why I like him: He's a chicken.... with a beard! What's not to like. Somehow even though he's a chick he has wisdom that helps Hiroshi out in his times of need.... Or just messes things up further for Hiroshi!

Why I hate him: Some little things get taken WAY too far at times. But not really an issue to be honest.

Overall: Higepiyo's anime has just ended and that makes me super sad. Those 5 minute episodes made my day for a long time. They will be re-watched whenever I need my bearded chicken fix.

Hiroshi learning how to protect himself from bullies at school with the help of Higepiyo.

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