Adventures with Naruto Part 3: Ninja tests take a long time

Adventures with Naruto Part 3: Ninja tests take a long time

This adventure is from episodes 27-59. Basically about 4 arcs. I got happily surprised with a new OP. I hated the first one and would cringe if I heard even 10 seconds of it. Glad I'll never have to listen to it again. 😀

Sasuke being sneaky

The second exam ends and the third begins. But before it can start people need to be eliminated because there are too many that actually made it to the third round. So we get to sit around for 20 episodes while they do this. It's no wonder that the show is 220 because it takes them forever to do anything which is almost as bad as fillers. Luckily I haven't come up to those yet but I'm dreading it greatly.

41-42 bitch fight tie
43 another bitch fight
44-45 Naruto dog fight
46-47 clan fight
48-50 weird green man against emo dude

Those are the ones I remember XD I think there was 2 other fights before that but I can't remember cause... I watched them like 2 months ago and it wasn't very memorable. There is one last fight with Sasuke but my notes on it don't overly make sense yet again.

Bitch fight super punch!

While they wait for exam 3 to begin Naruto starts a standing on water training. A weird dude that goes by the names, mountain monk, king of frogs or something will be training Naruto to learn summoning techniques. After many episodes Nartuo finally summons a giant frog who turns out to be a giant douche. Rather funny since the toad couldn't really believe that a kid like Naruto could summon him which is why he gave off so much attitude.

Mountain monk, king of frogs... More like king of perverts...

That be one angry toad

Since the summon technique is so difficult, Naruto ends up in the hospital because he used too much of his chakra. He slept for a long 3 days. During that time the sand boy gets all in their face (the teachers) and threatens to kill them all eventually as he runs off before he ends up dead because in fact the teacher had him cornered. Very odd thing to say as you are fleeing for your own life I must say.

"When I was a boy my father tried to assassinate me many times." D: no wonder he's so angry and weird.

The last episode I watched was the day before the third exam. I figured this was the perfect time to stop and take a rest. With more ninja tests to come I can only imagine how much longer it's going to take. I'm still not hating or even liking Naruto. Although I am leaning more towards disappointment because I find the pacing to be very icky.

Angry cows running after people make me laugh. What an entrance he makes to the stadium, the place of the third exam.

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