Chu-Bra 07-10

Chu-Bra 07-10

No manners!

We start off with Komachi trying to clasp a bra from the front. Right in between the breasts... So of course he can't do it without thinking dirty thoughts. Why does HE need to worry about clasping a bra anyway without having those dirty thoughts?










The cat was always there for Komachi but where did this monkey face come from for Yako all of a sudden? Or did I miss something.

Monkey girl...

Cat boy!












Now Komachi starts thinking like Hayama when he sees the girls underwear in some of his classmates dirty magazine... Very odd.


Don't you know that ladies bra isn't fitted properly?!

We start off with boob teacher having a dream about Hayama's brother oh my! When will they (if ever) finally get together? They go to an inn on the beach to have a meeting to discuss club plans of course we all know that this won't happen and they shall play away!

Oh my!

I'd probably wake up like that too








Hicky time or bug bite?

Cute little inn they went to

The whole gang








The kids start to make fun of boob teacher because she is wearing her school swimsuit. She claims it's the only one she has because she doesn't go swimming very often. She told them that she shall take the name tag off it to make it a "little" more mature. Unfortunately right in the middle where her huge boobs are, it ripped. So Yako clearly decides to try and cut it up more to make it "sexy"... It's very much time to go and buy a new swimsuit.

Poor boob teacher

It rains suddenly so their trip to the beach is postponed by a day. Doesn't stop them from checking out the inns hot spring though. Hair... Down their... Children of this age seriously don't act like this. I hate that a lot of males that watch anime have this weird view on women. Sure it's "funny" to put in but don't go thinking this stuff always happens when women are alone.







Komachi had his brother pack his swimsuit.... man thong. Very fitting for a brotherly prank.

Don't wanna swim!

Front view!

Back view!









Time to learn about growing boobs... Bleh whatever this ep was SO boring I'm not even going to bother with it.

Group kimono shot

Bra unclasping races... That's her big idea for the school festival... Nothing like drawing perverted unwanted attention to the pantsu club.

Oh just kiss her already. Why are they blushing by unclasping bras anyway?

Who can undo

the clasp first?








Looks like it's a tie

We briefly talk about men bras for a moment. This was good for a laugh. Boob teachers fantasies with Hayama's brother are getting funnier and funnier.


Poor Komachi XD








We again face the issue for girls wanting bigger boobs. I still don't get why. Some girls will try anything... Why exactly did she try to use a vacuum???

Drink lots of milk!

Boob massage...








Someone's jealous of that massage

....Why did she use a vacuum?

uh oh big brother is being transfered.

oh so I guess you heard...

...I'm being transfered








2 more episodes to go. Hurry up and be over please. I can't see an anime to come that will be worse than this one. I bet they'll make a season 2... I will not be watching it.

Chu-Bra 07-10, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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