Chu-Bra 12 END

Chu-Bra 12 END

Haruka immediately starts freaking out after she learns that Hayama is leaving. She goes on to say they aren't friends anymore and that it's the end of the underwear club... WTF? Where did all that random anger come from? I understand learning that your best friend is leaving, at that age, is a big thing, but gees talk about blow way out of proportion. So about 15 minutes of the episode is about her being butt hurt about Hayama leaving and how Komachi, Kiyono, and especially Yako can make the girls make up before Hayama leaves for good.

All she wanted to do was sit there like that... Least they could have done was put a panty shot in there.

How to make the girls make up!

Because of this boring issue we are left with 5 minutes of actual good bye time. Uhhhg. At least that's something to be thankful for right? This episode was a real shitty way to end this series. Not that the series was amazing by any means but I was expecting the last episode to have a laugh or 2 in it like the rest of the series. No laughing here. Well maybe at the end about that Underwear Club  for Men club that Komachi decided to start. XD

An outing in a rowboat to make up

Pantsu spotting with the help of water!

Locked on







Falling overboard!

Farewell Hayama

Anyway it's never a good sign when the viewer can't wait for the show to be over. I for one am very glad it was only 12 episodes as well. The plot of the show was "unique" in a way but not a very interesting one. (At least for a girl IMO) School clubs can be fun and all but one based around panties and bras is just a little weird for me. I probably wouldn't have been part of it if it was at my school. 😛 The subplot was a little more interesting even if you had to dig through the panties to get to it. Growing up is something that everyone has done. Some grow up fast, some slowly, and honestly some never at all. It's something that everyone can relate to and think back to exactly what it was like for them. I know this show did that a little for me, but honestly isn't nothing like the memories that Hanamaru Youchien brings back to my surface. These memories are I suppose a little more depressing in a way. Where Hanamaru Youchien is full of joy and the discovery of being a kid without having to worry about these growing up problems.

The sound and animation were nothing but average to me honestly. The animation was slightly more impressive actually but not all that much. Things were drawn with cute details but I found it to be pretty fuzzy at times. The OP and ED are very forgettable and I couldn't tell you what the music was like throughout the show.

Funny ecchi moment while packing.

Angry duck

Characters are an on and off thing in Chu-Bra. Some episodes they are interesting and engaging while in others they are stupid and annoying. None of them stood out as being original which is fine and all but it would have been nice. I can't even say any left an impression on me other than Komachi. His struggle with the club, wanting to be first in the school grade wise, and plain old boy issues with panties everywhere was entertaining to watch.

Komachi and the girls at a beach house

Komachi's angry cat form is cute!!!

Like I said in my character of the day overall for Komachi I wouldn't suggest watching this anime unless you have watched EVERYTHING else. Even if you are a fan of the genre it probably won't live up to your standards. I struggled to keep watching and boy I was glad when it was over because the enjoyment level just wasn't there for me. If anything go into this anime with no standards and you might be ok. I like panties and all cause everyone has to wear em, but I don't really need or want a 12 year old explaining why these articles of clothing are amazing.

Pantsu for all!

  • Story 2/10
  • Animation 6/10
  • Sound 5/10
  • Characters 2/10
  • Overall 1/10

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    3 Responses to “Chu-Bra 12 END”
    1. Patches says:

      I’m glad I skipped this one, kind of like Juuden-chan. Your last line was gold. Thanks, chii!

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    2. pantsu says:

      Sorry about the stupid comment before, I was sleep-deprived and in a weird state of mind. Not an excuse, I know. m(_ _)m

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    3. Glo says:

      glad I dropped this show (it just took me 7 tries to spell “this”)

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