Hanamaru Youchien 06-08

Hanamaru Youchien 06-08

It's pool time!

Kappa suit!

Shark suit!








I only recognize her suit because of the anime Kappa no Kaikata 😛 Her shark suit was adorable as well though. I'll never tire of these outfits. Since Tsuchida only seems to have eyes for Yamamoto while at the pool side this makes Anzu sad and want attention anyway she can get it. They come up with many schemes to get Tsuchida to see Anzu instead of Yamamoto's huge breasts. They start off with a water dance.

Bouncy bouncy

Water dance doesn't go so well...

Now it's a shark attack! Fake trouble means Anzu gets into trouble!

Ekkk a shark!

False alarm...








Not impressed.

Children need to be careful with their wolf crying. As when something really terrible does happen adults might just think it's another false alarm and ignore it. Either way though Anzu did get the attention she wanted even if it wasn't exactly what she hoped for.


Next we have Tsuchida's sister Satsuki randomly show up... I knew they couldn't just keep this anime to adults and kindergarten... They HAD to add a high school girl in there somewhere. And of course she gives Tsuchida a hard time like all teenage sisters do to their older brothers. She is here to observe if Tsuchida is doing a good job or not being a teacher for children.

Satsuki finds out just how hard it is to keep up with children. Horsey ride time!

Random observation, I think these days people would freak out with a male teacher taking a girl to the bathroom like that.

Ending picture I just had to include! I love beluga whales! <3


Awesome cute ED yet again!

Summer break = Trips together!  They go to where Tsuchida and Sakura grew up by train.

Trip time!

She's like a monkey








Once they arrive it takes Hiiragi no time to start exploring the area and find all kinds of interesting creatures.









...and a praying mantis!

Sakura decides to take the children to a near by riverbed where her and Tsuchida use to spend a lot of time when they were kids just talking about anything and everything.

Flashback to

childhood. Not much has changed








Splashing away having fun








Hiiragi again has a new outfit! An adorable little flounder swimsuit!

After much fun outside all day, Satsuki wishes to surprise Tsuchida with a difficult meal including gnocchi (yum!). Despite praising her when she visited him at school for her cookin,g he turns out to be dumbfounded by the gnocchi and can't figure out who made it and guesses everyone but her. This of course makes her very upset and she runs away to her room and pouts.

Summer getaways wouldn't be complete without a festival to go to. Everyone gets dressed up and hits the town in style.


Double dawww








Siblings getting along are cute

And yet another ED! This one is a little odd

Summer is over and all the kids are very tanned LOL

Their first task is to draw what they did all summer. Most draw cute pictures but one girl draws her parents working. She didn't go anywhere and just wanted to help her parents with their fish business. The children wish to learn about work so they go to her fish place to try and make him see that children can help out in the workplace as well. Super cute.







The second part of this episode Tsuchida meets Hinagiku on the street. She needs help because her shoe broke! Tsuchida helps her out and brings her to her home and now she wishes to get married to him and to be put into his class at the kindergarten.







Proposal time!

Anzu tells Hinagiku after her meeting with Yamamoto that she should never give up on her love for Tsuchida because someday she'll grow up and be able to compete with Yamamoto (meaning her boobs).


In the end she still gives up (for now) and goes back to her home to her wonderful father that will do anything for her sweet Hinagiku.


This episode was the most boring one so far. It had it's cute moments but there just wasn't that cute wow factor in it that the rest of the episodes have had for me. This ED though is my favourite of these 3 episodes... I think it's cause of the cat and the mellow song 😛

Hanamaru Youchien 06-08, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  1. Fabrice says:

    Hanamaru can be a contenter to be the best anime of the winter series this year,
    very cute, lol hiiragi specailly ^^

    But i have this thing for Satsuki, <3
    plus i think its great that they change ED's every epsiode so far.

    nice review!

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