Ladies versus Butlers! 07-10

Ladies versus Butlers! 07-10


Loli meets loli. We get yet another new character named Pina. Of course she is obsessed with anime and has a thing for a certain magical girl series which I can only assume is a poke at CCS. Pina wishes to create a doujin of her favourite anime and she has her eye set on Mimina participating because she's "perfect" for her needs...

Captured and dragged along!

Looks like they made up.








Since it's doujin making time, of course Akiharu is going to help Pina because his good old best friend is scheming again. That is of course his roll in this anime. Getting into as many weird odd situations as possible thanks to her.

Evil smile. She's very good at it.

What an interesting collection

It's summer break time and what better way to spend it than at some rich girls house unwillingly. Croissant hair demands that Akiharu comes with her and uses her card to make him do it.


We finally meet her father and oh man very, odd father indeed. I flash back to the first episode where she was sad that her dad didn't even touch her boobs before Akiharu did.

Dear daddy

Akiharu gets drunk and starts to cause some tension with his words but it's ok because he passes out and ends up not remembering a single thing. Croissant hair is very much not amused by this.


Blushing because...

...he's on top of her...

...and falls alseep...









After this interesting night, they get joined by the evil childhood friend accompanied by Daichi. She of course just wishes to interfere more with them as things move along. Especially since it's beach day. Oddly her medling has turned against her and certain things do start to happen between Croissant hair and Akiharu after a nice day in the sun.

Spending time at the beach

Poke poke









Uh oh

Saikyo starts to finally show her jealousy and actual feelings now because of what happened on the summer vacation between Akiharu and croissant hair.

Convenient towel placement


We start off back at school listening to another one of those terrible speeches.... >.<


She asks him out on a date and of course croissant hair overhears and plans to follow them all day on their date. Unfortunately everywhere she follows them others from the school end up being around and tag along with her.

hehe interesting shot

First up after their drinks is a what sounds and looks like very erotic movie. O.O I personally wouldn't really want to go see a movie like that in theaters but then again this is an ecchi anime. They move onto shopping time. Oddly this leads to uhhhg more breast massage.... Seeing 2 episodes of that particular theme in one day is too much for me. Thanks Chu-Bra and LvB.


WTF?! What kind of movie is this exactly?

Hugs in the dark

Stalking after the movie gets out








Shopping time

More stalking!









Last we have some karaoke time followed by pictures from a booth and random arcade games. More stalking from croissant hair follows of course with more friendly interruptions.

Singing the theme song of course








Picture time!

Yay he won it for her








Drill gets distracted by some DDR... She's actually pretty good XD

They end the episode walking up a very long hill (Akiharu is of course carrying all of her bags from shopping) chatting about the past and the present. Croissant hair has lost them because of her DDR run.

Up and









Even in childhood she knew how to smile like that... Creepy

All in all this was a cute episode. I enjoyed learning at the end more about their past together and just how much she tormented him. I dunno why he stays around her. XD Next episode we play with Daichi getting a love letter!


All the boys (all 3 of them) try to give Daichi advice on how to go about talking to this girl who wrote the love letter. If only they knew the half of it with Daichi's case.

I wouldn't take any lessons from him...

They try to teach








Shut your pie holes! Daichi already has a plan.

Oh look it's the fruitcake that they hardly ever show!


We get a confession of sorts when Daichi finally goes to meet this girl. I'd say this situation was expected. After all you can't room with a boy and not develop feelings for him right?

I like... Akiharu

At the very end of the episode we cut to the girls meeting at the fountain. I think a Akiharu discussion will be held as I'm sure both girls have a lot to say to each other about this situation. Interesting story progression I must say...

Show down for...

The clueless Akiharu

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