Ladies versus Butlers! & Chu-Bra 11

Ladies versus Butlers! & Chu-Bra 11

Ladies versus Butlers!

Snaggle tooth!

Two tickets for fun








Loli Pina gives Akiharu a thank you ticket for two to Aqualand for helping her out with the doujin. He walks randomly to where the face off is happening and once he realizes that they are there at the fountain too he looks as dumbfounded as ever. Harem males are always so dumb...

3 way!

Randomly they end up in a classroom to discuss their views. Croissant hair starts asking lots of questions about their date even though she knows most of it already. Akiharu walks in on them again but this time the tickets are in full view. Each girl clearly wants to go but the schemer starts playing her games when a random announcement by the oh so annoying one that gives the terrible speeches tells the whole school that there will be a sports meet. yay.....











As all relationships should be in anime, this one shall be decided through school sports... Different teams. One winner. Wild rumour start to go around at what the winner will get to do along with the looser. Let the games begin.


What is that fruitcake doing?










Watching these strange games is very very weird... What the hell is with the EELS?????? Eaten later by staff??? WEIRD!










Bondage of sorts

Weiners! ...I mean baguettes...

Loli wants one too

Yay she got one








Interesting clothing swap...

Who will win Akiharu? XD

Childhood friend or Croissant hair?

So clueless









For once this anime shocked me in a good way instead of a bad one. The opening with the Revolutionary Girl Utena reference was LOL. Lots of anime this season sure have been putting their own take on some older anime.







The schools cultural festival is happening and the girls of the pantsu club help out other clubs because they technically can't be a part of it on their own. The drama club is putting on a play and they want Hayama to make the costumes and the other girls in the club to be in the play as well. They have all kinds of interesting costumes to go with it too. The cafe needs some maid costumes and they ask Hayama as well to do it for them.

The drama club

The cafe girls








Trouble unfolds as the bitch teacher finds out about Kiyono's photo shoot in the magazine and wishes to shut everything down because of it. Boob teacher pleads for her to go and look at the costumes that Hayama has made before making her judgment. Surprisingly she ends up loving the costumes and actually fends off a male teacher that suddenly appears to chew Hayama out.













After that happy ending with the show able to go on. Hayama finally tells the girls that she won't be around next year because of her brothers transfer. Kiyono knew all along and spilled it to Komachi. Komachi confronts Hayama about it and she begs him not to tell the others because she wants to let them know in her own way.

Will they really move in the next episode or not that is the question. I'm thinking something will happen so they won't have to. Or she'll be able to stay behind. I'd like it if they just moved on. Less chance of a sequel that way 😛













Oh and yes there was some fanservice in this episode. Hayama just NEEDED to see Kiyono matching bra and panties. I will admit I think they are cute and would wear them myself.

Lace bra

Matching lace panties










2 Responses to “Ladies versus Butlers! & Chu-Bra 11”
  1. Kitsune says:

    haha That show is crazy! Look at these eels, weird competitions, and… Michael Jackson maneuver @117 ?! O_o

    GD Star Rating
  2. chii says:

    LvB is by far pretty bonkers. It’s entertaining though. That weirdo dude is very funny sadly (or fortunately) he isn’t shown much in the show 😛

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