Omamori Himari 04-09

Omamori Himari 04-09


Tis been a while but I didn't forget about this one even though no one else seems to be watching it either. It is just another generic fanservice filled anime after all. The "plot" isn't all that deep and it's kinda boring. Why must someone always have a lack of memory about their past? Or if they have this issue why not give a good reason for it. Himari wishes to change this by bringing Yuto back to where he grew up. She needs him to see his real roll in the Amakawa Family and slay the demons instead of becoming their friends.

Just who is that girl who Yuto was smooching with?

A sudden foe!

How ever will I fight naked?!







It's ok! I hid my clothing in a tree earlier! Ohhh in a tree... right...

Grrrr I'll get you next time naked cat girl!









Master finally protects the servant.

Episode 5 not much happens but some fanservice.











Another demon slayer appears, Kuesu Jinguji from England. She also turns out of be a sudden fiancée. Surprise surprise... She invites Yuto to come to her hotel room when he is willing to join her side.

Kuesu Jinguji

Random kiss time!








Himari needs a kiss too!

It was suppose to be on the cheek! opps








A battle between Kuesu and Himari takes place. After almost being totally defeated by Kuesu, Himari sees just how scary she may become if she looses her way. She is after all the very thing she wishes to kill. A demon cat.


First move!

Wait what?









Well those were some powerful attacks! After her "clear" loss Himari stumbles back to Yuto's room all beaten up.

Injured mew

Because of her injuries from her battle with Kuesu, Himari takes a pill that will turn her "wild" in order to make her better. This of course means her full on cat form will come out and of course Yuto must be the ever so strong master willing to endure and help her see this through.

Pill time


If I had a tail that's what I would do with it.







Must endure!

Even if she scratched him! owww








Yuto finally goes to the hotel where Kuesu is staying to tell her what he has decided. An odd moment goes by as he explains where he stands. It felt very Eva or ef - a tale of memories like in how it was presented.














Let me explain

Kuesu starts to flip out during this explanation and tries to kill Yuto with a knife. His inner power comes out and saves him flinging Kuesu back crashing into a window and starts to fall from the skyscraper.

Crazy eyes

Stabby stabby

Bie Bie!







While he watches this from his failed attempt to save her from falling memories come flashing back to him where it was her in fact that grew up with him sharing that kiss. He remembers that it was he that said it would be fun to fight demons together and that he'll always protect her.

By the way she's alright. Magic is a wonderful thing!

Episode 9 starts off oddly at school. It's time to draw pictures. Himari starts taking pictures with her cell phone which doesn't quite meet the standards. But this picture of her is very pretty. Wallpaper pretty one might say.


While she and Yuto are off doing that some other classmates get their loli needs in with drawing ___ in a fountain soaking wet!

What an odd pose...

Draw draw draw








Demon vampire sucks some of Yuto's blood uh oh! Afterwards a rumor starts to go around about a cannibal demon whom eventually shows up and attacks Himari because everyone thought she was after Yuto instead! Don't they know what cannibal means! 😛


She's hungry!

More chomp

Isn't anyone gonna help her out here?








Evil aura

I wonder if an elf girl will show up next.

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3 Responses to “Omamori Himari 04-09”
  1. Fabrice says:

    Too bad i dropped this show =/
    i mean it may be funny but im not really that keen on ecchi anime like omamori, cause it doesnt have a serious plot and all, well thats my thought about it ^^

    anyways nice review of those episodes =)

    GD Star Rating
  2. chii says:

    I think my bf is enjoying this show a lot more than I am. 😛

    GD Star Rating
  3. Astral says:

    Sure. It may be filled with fan-service, cliches and a shallow, over-run plot. It may be ecchi and may contain filler. But the matter of fact is that sometimes series like these are required to lighten the mood and refresh the mind. Its really, and I mean REALLY mind-numbing to watch emotional, deep-plot animes like true tears, clannad, rumbling hearts, etc continuously without gap. So sometimes it’s nice to kick-back and enjoy some fan-service. This, in turn, keeps us mentally fresh so that we can watch other deep-plot animes.

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