Sora no Woto 07-10

Sora no Woto 07-10

We start off with Phylicia having some wicked crazy images dancing around in her head from the past when she was in combat with her old comrades. The others start to worry about her hoping that she is alright.

Old memories and ghosts

WTF?! From a little slice of the knife

Wounds of the past







Fallen soldiers

While she was wondering around alone, being the last of her troops, she meet an old corps from before everything was ruined. Somehow he starts to explain to her how things came to be. That they couldn't stop the coming robots from destroying their world. I was fascinated by this. I only wish that we could explore further exactly what happened but that is not what this show is about. But they did well to keep at least the non-moe viewer happy with this episode.

The fallen from long ago

Really like this picture







The machines that...

...did in the past








Big boom

Another festival goes by in the small town. This time for the ones who have passed on. Loved ones wish to remember them by making a lantern lighting a candle in it and floating it down the river with the names of the dead written upon the sides. It was a lovely way to end a pretty intense episode.








After such a wonderful informative episode we move back to what this show is good at doing. Little stories that add up to be entertaining to watch but nothing more. We wait for a phone to ring.

When will it Ring ring?

Why is she blushing at the phone?








Explaining desperately that she has to pee

Oh my you fell down and can't get up!

We'll help you! Nooooooo!








Battle of the elements time. A very strong hurricane hits and it's up to the girls to try and keep everyone safe. We find out more about Klaus and why Kureha seems so attached to him. He just so happens to look identical to a hero of hers but he doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth about it.







We can do it!

Oh my!








Very pretty

Thumbs up









Episode 10 we bid farewell to Rio. They play what seems like their theme song, Amazing Grace and Rio passes her trumpet onto Kanata.

One last duet together







With 2 episodes left I almost wonder if more of the girls are going to leave or if something huge is going to happen that ends up bringing Rio back. Either way the thing I love most about the show is the town. It is SO picture friendly and makes you feel like you are actually there yourself.







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