Working!! 01 PreRelease

Working!! 01 PreRelease

Oddly this is the show I've been looking forward to the most for the upcoming Spring season and I gotta say I'm still interested but I was expecting more for some reason. It's only one episode so far though so we'll see if it turns out to be a hit or miss.

Wagnaria Family Restaurant

Taneshima Poplar (17) is a very short high school student. She is ordered at the beginning of the episode to track down a new worker for the "family restaurant" by the assistant manager.

Please come work with me

Seriously I'm in High School...








Taneshima Poplar

Takanashi Souta (16) is the new recruit Taneshima found on the street by randomly bumping into him. He took her for a 12 year old lost little girl at first.

Takanashi Souta

Shirafuji Kyouko (28) assistant manager she's kinda lazy and gives off the impression that she doesn't really care about what's going on. She mostly lets taneshima do everything

Shirafuji Kyouko

Satou Jun and Souma Hiroomi are cooks. I can only imagine what trouble these 2 guys will get into. Satou seems distant yet awesome and Souma seems to be a happy go luck kind of guy.

Satou Jun and Souma Hiroomi

Todoroki Yachio a bubbly happy girl who is the main chef. She just happens to have a samurai sword... Interesting and weird. Wonder when she'll use it on Souta.

Todoroki Yachio

After some introductions and some training the characters start to blend together in an interesting way and odd personalities start to shine through. Especially with Shirafuji Kyouko. She turns out to be super awesome yet has a very cranky side to her. Souta randomly asked her her age. When she said 28 he called that "old" so now he gets to work everyday as punishment for like 2 weeks. Never call a lady old. Remember that boys.

"But anything over 12 is too old"

She then comes to the rescue of Taneshima whom was being harassed by customers. They were pulling on her hair and calling her a child... WHO DOES THIS?!?! Manager sees this and goes barging over with a huge kick to the face for one of them simply saying "Violence is bad". She is definitely going to be my favourite character of the series. She reminds me of a cross between Mitsune (Love Hina) and Nobue (Strawberry Marshmallow).


Thanks boss! ....








"Violence is bad"

Inami Mahiru has a HUGE fear of men and is what seems to be the last character introduction for the first episode. She will hold much laughter I'm sure.

Inami Mahiru

"Will a normal person be able to survive in this environment?" says Souta.... Yet he is far from normal himself! This anime holds potential! The ED was cute but forgettable. Bring on episode 2 in a month or so!

Working!! 01 PreRelease, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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