365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 101/365 Gabu

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 101/365 Gabu

Day 101/365


From the anime Arashi no Yoru Ni, Gabu is a wolf! One stormy night he wanders into a barn to take shelter from the rain. In there he meets another creature. They keep each other company for the night and form a strong bond. Little do they know they are suppose to be sworn enemies.

Why I like him: The strength of friendship means a lot to Gabu and he goes to great lengths to find happiness with his new friend Mei, a goat. The wolf pack lead by Giro will stop at nothing to prevent this friendship and Gabu stands up to them with great courage.

Why I hate him: As most wolves tend to have a dark side to them, Gabu's wasn't all that appealing to me.

Overall: It's a cliche story sure but this one captured me and I hope you'll give it the chance to capture you as well.

You sure do!

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