365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 102/365 Sugar

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 102/365 Sugar

Day 102/365


From the anime A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Sugar is a Snow Fairy in training. Her goal is to find a Twinkle so she can plant it and once it blooms she will be a full fledged Snow Fairy. Her search brings her to the human world where she meets Saga and thus the adventure begins.

Why I like her: She has this odd love for waffles that always made me really hungry when I was watching the show. To this day I can't see a waffle without thinking about Sugar. When she wasn't throwing a fit she was super cute... Almost too cute. (Yes there is a limit on cute!)

Why I hate her: She threw so many tantrums, young children can relate to this show easily I'm sure.

Overall: Like I said before in my review, for true innocent moe watch this show. Sugar has the correct name as she is very sweet (Couldn't help adding that :P)

Sugar with her fairy friends

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