365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 109/365 Ginko

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 109/365 Ginko

Day 109/365


From the anime Mushishi, Ginko is a man who attracts mushi so he travels around from place to place helping those that come into contact with mushi. He smokes to keep mushi away from him because if he stays in one place for too long a lot of them will gather and that is never good.

Why I like him: He likes mushi and wishes to learn more about them. He doesn't think they are evil but just trying to survive like everyone else. Most people do not understand this as mushi attack people from time to time. He'll protect and try to help anyone he comes across in his travels from their mushi problems.

Why I hate him: Impossible.

Overall: Episodic anime are generally hard to learn more about characters so we don't learn much about Ginko. We do see how strong willed he is and dive a little into his past while we try to learn more and more about the mysterious mushi.

Someday I will buy this amazing story in manga form and read it

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