365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 110/365 Miyu

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 110/365 Miyu

Day 110/365


From the anime Vampire Princess Miyu, Miyu is a vampire. Though she isn't a typical one with the typical weaknesses of a vampire as she can walk around in the daylight among other things that do not harm her. She is the daughter of both a human and a shinma because of this she was awakened as The Guardian whose destiny is to hunt down all stray shinma and send them back to the darkness. She has a companion that is like her own guardian named Larva.

Why I like her: I like how she picks her victims. It's like a bad person being good in a way. I generally don't like stories about vampires but Miyu was interesting as a show and a character. She was complex but nice and simple at the same time.

Why I hate her: For being such an interesting character she was still very empty. But that was one of her charms as well.

Overall: For what a good series about vampires is like check out Vampire Princess Miyu because I'm certain most people will fall in love with Miyu.

Miyu and Larva


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  1. Predederva says:

    Miyu Miyu Miyu!!! I love Miyu! She’s not quite good, but not evil either. She’s just doing her job, although not afraid to take care of her friends either. Such an interesting complex character, and cute to boot. Plus I love the idea of being a vampire teenager forever! At least the ones that don’t sparkle. Also I like what she did in the first episode to that boy. Very cold…but very Miyu….

    Love this series! Nice pick

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