First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 1

First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 1

For a good 2+ weeks now I've been putting off starting this new season. Why? I suppose I just wasn't motivated enough. Nothing really interested me all that much from the spring pickings save for a few shows honestly. SD Gundam, Hetalia, Working, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms <- which hasn't been touched by anyone yet 🙁 are the only things I've gone out of my way to watch.Things have been a little hectic in my personal life but since that has calmed down a little I find I have some free time to actually start up these shows. All these anime are first impressions based on the first 2 episodes of the series.

Robot man is not amused.


I can't get over how much our hero Joey looks like a chick. It's the hair! He builds this adorable little robot. While he was building it I couldn't help but to picture many gundam crazed fans sitting in their rooms building their own robot men. Kinda cute when I think about it that way. It's always been a hobby that has interested me but I have never really ventured into it because while I do like mecha's and all, I don't like them enough to sit still for hours doing detailed work. So back to this robot. It ends up coming to life after getting a little wet and struck by lightening. Joey gets something that looks like a controller of sorts attached to his arm and their story begins.

Joey or Josephine?

Aliens that are called Skrugg are of course attacking earth and little Joey is going to end up fighting them with his robot dude. I laughed when the Americans didn't really react when these giant aliens came around and just said you need a permit to make movies here. LOL His cheerleader chick friend Lina, is really huge. Maybe that's just me though.

Skrugg on cars. lol

Huge lady is huge

I gotta say I do enjoy the music throughout the show. The OP and ED are kinda forgettable but it is nice not to hear squealing girls singing for once. The visuals aren't all that terrible either. I'm not all that interested in the characters but it's fun. It's not as bad as I thought it would be but it really isn't amazing either. Just another action romp that is very American feeling. It's giving me the feeling of the movie Iron Giant, which was a really awesome movie and I suggest checking it out if you haven't seen it already.

I want to flick that little fairy away. It's so annoying

B Gata H Kei

Ohhh what can I say here... That opening part explaining about the main chick Yamada and her goals was... Special. That fairy thing all throughout the episodes was really annoying. I haven't read the manga for it but I don't think it made the translation to anime very well. The way it's done just rubs me the wrong way. It makes me feel like I'm reading a shoujo manga. A really boring one. Poor Kosuda ends up being the one that she has her eye set on to "pop her cherry". She doesn't quite understand how anything about this works though so what ends up happening is messy situation after another.

Kosuda just before he has to hide his "bulge"

hehe maths

I honestly feel really sorry for Kosuda. With his dumbfounded ways and her weirdness... It's a terribly painful match to watch. I do enjoy that each episode is split into 2 different stories though. It makes it feel like the episode goes by a lot faster. heh

That's a new one for me

Lots of condoms

This is just another generic slice of school life with your pervertedness to it. Only difference it's the chick being the pervert. Meh it's watchable but barely. I wish I found it more funny. It definitely gives off the smutty manga feel with the sexual topic and the way it is presented visually.

Maid meets boy

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Well the main lead already started to irritate me as soon as she entered the screen. Misaki has a job at a maid cafe and for personal reasons she wishes to keep it a secret from her classmates. Of course she gets found out by a fellow classmate, Takumi, and now she must befriend this guy in order to keep her secret. Cliche story but it's one that I generally don't mind. Hello Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

She's scary o.o

He's a cutey







If she wasn't such a bitch all the time I think I could get deeper into this show. Time will tell if this changes for the better or worse. I do like the dude though. Guess a small part of my girly side is coming out for him. He's kinda cute. I like that the boys stand up to her a lot instead of cowering like little fools, which is what happens in most anime. There's cosplay for both boys and girls in this one so even dudes that watch this show shall be entertained along with ladies that wish to drool over Takumi.


The OP and ED I find to be really cute song and visuals. The animation is really pretty too some weird faces here and there but they don't go overboard with it like some anime tend to do. Characters are slowly coming to fruit and I like what I see except for the bitchiness. I'm going to enjoy watching this one.

A bond

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Wanting to be the total opposite of a Demon King Sai Akuto begins his magic school training in hopes that no one will fear him because of this prediction. Hattori Junko and he meet before school started and he tells her his dream, liking that dream she pledges herself to him. But if they go against what they say they will do they shall fight to the death or something. Of course having the prediction that he'll become a Demon King makes her very angry and the fighting starts.

Pope like to...

...Demon King like!

There's a lot of interesting characters starting out in this show which will be interesting to see how they all come together. Along with boobs, panty shots, and magic of course. The OP and ED are kinda boring but they are different from most anime with the rock sound which is ok by me. I'd like it more if it wasn't going to be another harem school life anime. Maybe if it was just about his struggle with becoming demon like. It feels like Omamori Himari but without a catgirl. Then again there's always time for one to show up.

Yata-garasu predicts every students future.

Odd Teacher Torii Mitsuko

Korone the android with a bunny tail

Soga Keena commonly found walking around invisible and naked with a ring

Etou Fujiko is the one that is most likely to cause mischief for Sai

Miwa Hiroshi a very very odd boy


4 Responses to “First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 1”
  1. Canne says:

    Joey, I thought it was his voice and the tight pants that bothers me, though the hair follows closely.
    Of all the listed shows in this post, I follow only Heroman. The others in my list are all popular picks like K-ON!! and Angel Beats.

    GD Star Rating
  2. chii says:

    voice generally doesn’t bother me for anime because well some are female doing men anyway

    Angel Beats will be in the next impressions batch i do and k-on will be in the sequel edition of impressions 😛

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