First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 2

First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 2

Here comes Batch 2! Impressions based on 2 episodes. Check out my other impression post if you missed it.


Angel Beats

I tried to like it I honestly did. It is very different from what Key normally does but... For one I don't like their character design. While some people think it's the prettiest ever I just think it's average and well their design almost makes me dislike them even more because it looks the same as everything else they've done. Episode 1 was a jumble and so was episode 2. I do see the appeal to the show but it just isn't for me. People have been comparing it to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya because the main characters basically look and act alike. Although Otonashi is way less irritating than Kyon was. I do see that relation between the 2 shows. The lead girls Yuri and Haruhi are pretty darn close to being twins.


I like the idea of their weird world where they after dying becoming angels that fight for their futures as angels. Or something like that anyway. I just wish it was more appealing to me. The OP I find to be annoying only because there are vocals in there, otherwise it's quite nice. The ED is forgettable. I should decide if I want to drop it or not.

She has that look on her face a lot

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Bishies, bishies, bishies! With swords and a cute girl. A girl who is pretending to be a boy because she wishes to find her missing father. She gets picked up by the Shinsengumi because she just happened to see them fighting some demon people. They want to kill her but of course they don't cause they listened to her story. I'm enjoying this one so far but I hope it actually starts getting a little interesting with the action. It started off well but got super chatty.  I am interested to see where it goes but I hope it doesn't become boring character wise or even plot wise.

Men of the Shinsengumi

The graphics are crisp, clear, and very pretty. The OP was rather nice. I really liked the beat and the visuals that went along with it were quite nice. ED is quite nice too.

Saying for when a underdog team defeats the favourites

Giant Killing

I honestly don't have much to say about this one. It's about soccer (football). It's not amazing but it doesn't suck at all either. It has a very interesting style to it and I like that they seemed to have gotten someone that can speak English properly for the English gent that appears from time to time. Tatsumi takes on the task of making a shitty team good once more. It shall be a fun watch as long as it doesn't bore me too much.

Tatsumi has a huge task to accomplish here

This OP is AWESOME! The ED was pretty good too but I like the OP more.


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  1. Canne says:

    I thought Angel Beat is interesting enough and I’ll keep following it for a while longer since there are not many interesting shows this season. Oh wait, there’s still K-ON!! (LOL)

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