First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 4

First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 4

I've been a little slow at getting around to these ones for the season but here they are. If you wish to check out more impressions of spring anime you can go here. I'll be making 2 more posts of impressions so you can look forward to those. Each anime is reviewed on the first 2 episodes of the series.

Yuki is a typical bishie

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru AKA Betrayal Knows My Name

Yuki has some sort of supernatural power that he can see people's pasts and emotions. He dreams of a past that he was part of quite often and wonders just why he was put in this world because he was abandoned as a child then randomly a man appears claiming to be his brother. Oh the bishie yaoi story is full of fantasy and mystery ain't it. More like teen angst trying to figure out his place in the world. I'll look forward to what will become of little Yuki but I wish it wasn't so slow. It felt like each episode was an hour long and it seems to be trying very hard to be interesting but falls flat right now.

Shiny eyes

The graphics are very pretty and make the show more interesting than it really is. The OP is well... Emo to me and the ED is just ok.


Why does the show have to revolve around YOU!

Mayoi Neko Overrun

The male lead I already want to kill. Did he really have to introduce every character in the show one by one like that in the first episode? Ahh his voice pisses me off too. While I do enjoy the cat aspect of this show and the food, (Both being things I totally love) I can't get over everything else that is so bad. Everything has been done before in this show and well some new stuff do it better some do it worse. This one is definitely doing things worse and reminds me just why I hate harem's so much. Everything is just so generic.

Cooking time!

School time!

I wish the show focused more on the Stray Cats pastry shop than it does because to me that is the unique part and the most interesting. Harem anime will always be character driven though so we won't see much development in the other aspects of the show. Anyway I don't really have much else to say. Animation is average, OP and ED are forgettable like most from harem anime are. Cat girls are fun.


Sarai-ya Goyou AKA House of Five Leaves

Right away the show dives into the OP and I really enjoyed that. The music mixed with the lovely unique design was very beautiful. We follow Akitsu Masanosuke, a skilled and loyal swordsman but he has just one problem. He's very timid and this gets him fired from many of his protecting jobs. After all you gotta look and be scary in order to protect people right? Lucky him the leader of a bandit group called The Five Leaves hires him to be his bodyguard. But what the leader is of course trying to do is get Akitsu to join The Five Leaves group too. The only problem is that Akitsu isn't quite alright with the groups way of making money. Kidnapping isn't all that noble after all. There's adventure to it and that draws Akitsu to this group I think.


Everything in this show has a purpose

The Five Leaves group








I find this show very refreshing. It's a real down to earth samurai show with mystery and great characters. Even the nobody's in the show seem to have a purpose. I look forward to seeing this story fold out. This is one of the best shows of spring anime for me.

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3 Responses to “First Impressions of Spring Anime Batch 4”
  1. Yi says:

    I’m watching Mayoi Neko and I have the same feeling. The male lead is terrible! He’s soooo annoying. But I guess that’s to be expected for a harem type series like this.

    “I wish the show focused more on the Stray Cats pastry shop than it does because to me that is the unique part and the most interesting”
    Agreed. More cats, more cakes, less male lead.

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  2. chii says:

    can’t go wrong with cats and food!

    i hate him so much >.<

    GD Star Rating


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