365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 123/365 Yuri

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 123/365 Yuri

Day 123/365


From the anime Dirty Pair, Yuri is a member of Trouble Consultant team 234, code named "Lovely Angels", along with her partner in crime Kei. Every mission ends up complicated yet they always get the job finished, but because of the disaster they include with their solved crimes, they are given another nick name which they hate, "Dirty Pair".

Why I like her: I watched this anime with my sister and enjoyed the fact that both Yuri and Kei almost represent me and my sister. She's the more girls one of the 2 which could be considered the same for me and my sister. Both have tempers that you do not want to cross.

Why I hate her: She's too adorable to hate.

Overall: Old school action comedy romp. Both Yuri and Kei are sure to please! Girls whooping ass is awesome!

Kei and Yuri

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