365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 124/365 Ikko Aoki

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 124/365 Ikko Aoki

Day 124/365

Ikko Aoki

From the anime Himitsu: The Revelation, Ikko Aoki is the newest addition to Section Nine, a forensic investigation office that uses the removed brain of a victim to examine the person's last thoughts to determine a suspect and motive in the murder. Ikko brings a great skill to the team, lip-reading. It would be pretty hard to figure out what the person has seen in their brain without him.

Why I like him: He's new and questions everything. Why he is there, why they are doing what they are with brains! Everything is a mystery to him that needs to be solved. He'll go to great lengths, actually he'll do pretty much anything to solve a case and when fellow colleagues get endangered he won't hesitate to step in. I really enjoyed how much he looked up to his supervisor, Tsuyoshi Maki. Almost felt like there was going to be some BL between the 2 of them.

Why I hate him: He's a very timid man. Got annoying sometimes and I wanted to slap him through the screen. Very confusing since he was such a self sacrificer for others.

Overall: This show is basically CSI with a twist. A lovely one at that. Ikko is that new guy that everyone loves but they aren't quite sure why yet.

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  1. Omurqi says:

    He was a pretty good character, especially in the second half of the show when he became a little less timid ^_^

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