365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 142/365 Toya Fujii

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 142/365 Toya Fujii

Day 142/365

Toya Fujii

From the anime White Album, Toya Fujii is a normal University student. He has a girl friend and is awkward at times. His girlfriend, Yuki Morikawam, is a idol singer which has no time for him mostly but she loves him dearly. This leads to him wandering from lady to lady while keeping her as well.

Why I like him: He has a good heart but he just doesn't quite know how to use it. I like how he reminds me of Makoto from School Days. LOL

Why I hate him: Man whore and gives in to temptation many times.

Overall: Oddly White Album has a shitty first season and a good second. So if you are a masochistic and willing to sit through the bad to get to the good check it out. Toya, you'll love to hate.

He had that look on his face a lot 😐


One Response to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 142/365 Toya Fujii”
  1. Hellomotto says:

    Ugh, don’t even remind me about White Album. He’s so goddamned indecisive sometimes. Like really: choose one and go with it; don’t go sleeping around. Him and Makoto from School Days should just go hang out in the man-slut group. >.>

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