365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 147/365 Master Asia

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 147/365 Master Asia

Day 147/365

Master Asia

From the anime G Gundam, Master Asia AKA Tohofuhai is known as the Undefeated of the East because he won the last Gundam Fight, which is a tournament held to see who earns the right to rule Earth and the colonies for four years. He is Domon's mentor and taught him everything he knows about martial arts and fighting. He handed Domon the King of Hearts before disappearing for a time. They reunite to fight a common enemy at the time then things change.

Why I like him: See that picture above? That's a big reason why! He was an amazing character and showed many different colours. He was just amazing in all ways. I like the twist that was put onto his character at the beginning of the series as well.

Why I hate him: As funny as it was having some of the most ridiculous lines in this anime. Sometimes it went just a little too far for me. lol

Overall: Known as the shounen of the Gundam Franchise, this one is a treasure even though most die hard Gundam fans would beg to differ. LOOK! THE EAST IS BURNING RED!


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    Master Asia <3

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