365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 150/365 Simon

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 150/365 Simon

Day 150/365


From the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Simon starts off as a young boy who lost his parents in an earthquake so he decides to become a great digger. One day a man named Kamina comes to Giha Village where Simon lives and works, Kamina then recruits Simon to be part of the "Team Gurren". Simon finds a Core Drill while digging one day that starts up a mecha, which Kamina names the "Lagann". With this new power they go on an adventure to the surface of the world. As years go by, Simon basically turns into a ruler and has to deal with making big decisions while protecting everyone too.

Why I like him: I really enjoyed the relationship he had with Kamina. They really did seem like brothers and sure acted like it too. I like that he grew up during the series, and while he did keep a few timidness to him he grew a nice set of balls and knew how to use them.

Why I hate him: Typical wishy washy moments were rather annoying throughout the show.

Overall: Simon starts off as a  typical cliche boy character with no real will of his own and after meeting Kamina he instantly blooms. TTGL is a great show about growing up and maturing from a boy to a man.

Simon's mecha forms

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2 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 150/365 Simon”
  1. Glo says:

    I didn’t read this because I’m afraid of spoilers, but I will say that TTGL, from the looks of the before and afters of him and his mecha, looks like it’s going to get awesome. Right now I’m only just at the part where Simon finally stops being an emo bitch about Kamina’s…..

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  2. chii says:

    lol afraid of spoilers and you make one yourself 😉

    i don’t put spoilers in anything unless you could those mecha picts but honestly that’s nothing important imo I always white out my spoilers ^_^

    i was really glad when he stopped being all emo too.

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