A Canadians first trip to Anime Boston

A Canadians first trip to Anime Boston

So I decided to go to this con at the very beginning of the year. We have friends that live in Boston so I figured it would be a lot of fun to visit them and go to a con other than Anime North. (which is the only other con I have been to) I gotta say I was highly impressed with Anime Boston and I do plan to attend again next year. Anime Boston 2010 was held on April 2-4. I'm aware that it's been a while but I've been busy since I got back with real life situations that has delayed my post a little. (ok a lot) 😛

We drove down from Quebec, Canada on the 1st as we wanted to get settled in a head of time and enjoy in full what the weekend had to offer. Long car rides kill my back as well so having a day to rest before trying to marathon walk for a weekend was much needed. After it all, I was nice and sore for a week after but it was worth it. We had lovely weather while we were down there too which was nice because apparently it had been raining for a solid 2 weeks before we got there. Boston drivers will always scare me. Learn how to drive please! Unlike Anime North, everything at Anime Boston was in one building that you could easily walk from one place to the other. I REALLY liked this aspect of it as I saw way more things that I wanted to because I could find where everything was easily. The building seemed to go on forever. There was a lot of walking done.


I meet the author of The Anime Almanac and he was really nice. He introduced me to some others that he knew but I completely forget their names. I saw the author of JanaiBlog from a distance because I was too shy to go up and say hi the first time I saw him (sitting in the moe panel of course) and he left early when I was going to say hi to him after the FUNimation Industry Panel. Which was a very interesting panel to attend. I ended up going to a lot more panels than I thought I would but I gotta say all were really fun. There was a manga panel with one of the weirdest guys running it and I always wanted to argue with his points because for the most part he was way off. One of the best panels I attended was done by The Department of Alchemy called Impact of Evangelion. I meet him too but said nothing other than 'hi nice panels this weekend.' And basically ran away afterwards, I'm a really shy person heh.

Video Game Orchestra!

Nobuo Uematsu!

The highlight of the con was a performance by the Video Game Orchestra! This alone was worth all the money spent in getting to Boston for the con. Another highlight of the con was the guest of honour Nobuo Uematsu. We attended every panel he was doing and it highly inspired my boyfriend to continue what he loves doing and that's making music. He even played with the VGO when they were preforming! The most memorable things he said was the answer to this question. "How did you come up with the opening theme to Final Fantasy?" His answer was that one of the guys came to him at the last minute and said we need a little diddy for the opening of the game. Can you do one please? He of course said ok and wrote a little tune in literally 5 minutes and it has become one of the most well known songs ever among video game players. I also enjoyed his response to "What was your first instrument?" He said it was the guitar and later he picked up the piano and said they are basically the same cords/notes wise but the piano is easier to use so he prefers it. LOL awesome! Here's the video we took of him playing with the VGO. (sorry about the sound quality)

DJ playing on... that's right gameboys!

Saturday night we ventured into the "rave" and I gotta say that was entertaining and fun. There was some pretty crazy stuff going on in there and the DJ was pretty awesome too. I'm generally not one for "8-bit" music but it was fun to hear and see everyone having a really good time. The only thing that wasn't so cool was seeing all the cracked out kids sitting on the floor outside of the entrance. LOL We got a really fun little video here of some kind of robot surfing the crowd. (again sorry about the sound quality)

A lovely Beatrice

A Digimon?

Meroko from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Hate the anime but this was a great cosplay

Spot on

The cosplay was like any others honestly. There was some really amazing ones and some not so amazing. I took some pictures but most didn't turn out very well so I'll link to a thread on the AB site that has a lot more pictures than I could have ever provided for those that are interested. I did cosplay myself but it wasn't 100% and honestly I just didn't have the money to get my hair done the right way. It's not like anyone would have recognized me anyway. I went as Nanako Yamamoto from Hanamaru Youchien and my boyfriend went as Naozumi Tsuchida. I made the aprons myself and I personally think they turned out really well. 🙂

Try not to laugh too much at us

The dealers room was about what I expected it to be. It was split into 2 rooms that were joined in the middle by a hallway. I was impressed at how much stuff there was but I honestly didn't see a lot of really amazing deals. I didn't end up getting anything because we ended up spending our money on parking. We drove there each day from just outside of downtown. I suggest not doing this and using public transit or walking if you can. Hell, get dropped off and picked up at the end of the day if you can. The parking costs were stupid but couldn't be avoided on this trip for us. Next year we shall be better prepared for that.

The most hilariously awesome cosplay I saw all weekend

Anyway there's my review. Better late than never! Next up is Anime North in pretty much 2 weeks. I promise to have my report from that up way sooner than this one ended up being. Overall this was a very enjoyable experience and I'm sure I'll be back next year. ^__^


11 Responses to “A Canadians first trip to Anime Boston”
  1. Nice, it sounds like it was a cool con. I’ve only been to Pittsburgh’s Tekkoshocon, but maybe someday I’ll get to one of the huge ones like Otacon. About how big is Anime Boston?

    You’re braver than I am for going to the rave, hehe. The dealers’ room often isn’t a great deal until the last day sales, but I was surprised to find out that the dealers will negotiate on prices sometimes. I got a discount on my Gundam Mk II model at this year’s Tekko when I offered to buy a figure I was also thinking about getting. I looked at it and asked about it the first two days and only made my offer on the last day while I was looking at alternate items from other dealers (within his view). Gotta make em sweat!

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  2. chii says:

    The rave was nothing to be afraid of for me since I throw them with my boyfriend so it’s an atmosphere I’m use to. I’ve never been good at bargaining with sellers to be honest and I really just didn’t have any spare cash.

    As for how big it is they boast that it is the biggest anime con in the Northeast. And I for one agree with that. Any con that can take over a huge building like that is huge to me.

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  3. Hellomotto says:

    That looked awesome. Uematsu seems really cool, and he’s an absolute genius.

    I respect you and your boyfriend for cosplaying as Yamamoto and Tsuchida for the convention. Not many people choose that, but they seem perfect for couples.

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  4. Funkgun says:

    Dudette, you look like you had a heck of a good time. That is a Zoid I think, Liger Zero. I could be wrong.

    I am glad to hear you survived Boston Drivers. The Panels at these things are always fun.

    Love the cos-play. Aces!

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  5. chii says:

    @Hellomotto he’s a very humble man. so cute 😀

    @Funkgun lol thanks! that just might be what it is. Boston drivers are some of the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered lol.

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  6. Epi says:

    Ohh Anime North. I wonder if I’ll be able to make it there this year… Maybe not. Got things to do 🙁

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  7. Liger Zero says:

    that so called digimon is not a digimon lol That is a zoid from Zoids new century zero, and the zoid is Liger Zero, I made that costume and that is me in the suit lol.

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  8. chii says:

    well that’s what the ? was for hehe it was an awesome suit!

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