Aniblog Tourney Thingy Round 2 – Vote For Me!

Aniblog Tourney Thingy Round 2 – Vote For Me!

I told everyone earlier about Round one of this interesting little contest. What I didn't follow up on is that I made it to Round two!


So thanks everyone for voting for me and you are all needed once more to vote for me again so I could possibly make it to round 3 (Where I'll get slaughtered but it's still fun!)

Cute loli likes it when you vote for Oishii Anime!

The new poll closes in a few days and I'm only behind by a few votes! It's going to be another close one like the first time. So vote for me again and we'll see what happens! Don't forget to take a look around at all the other polls still opened. There's a lot of awesome other bloggers that could use some votes too. ^__^"

If anyone has some suggestions that would help make Oishii Anime just a little bit more interesting don't hesitate to leave a comment! I love feedback and that's what I've benefited the most from this little contest journey so far. From round 1 someone said things were a little hard to navigate so I added an anime search bar that you can quickly see all the anime covered in the bloggy. Also added picture on the side featuring the "Character of the Day" so that it is easy to tell when I have a new one up. I made a new blog roll page and have a random 10 awesome blogs show up on the main page that are different with every refresh. The old one was pretty long and getting a little crazy.

I'm heading off to Anime North in the next few days so look forward to a post about that when I get back. It's going to be a fun weekend because I know a lot more people going to this one, where when I went to Anime Boston I knew no one but did meet a few fellow bloggers which was awesome.

Anyway don't forget to vote for me!

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    One Response to “Aniblog Tourney Thingy Round 2 – Vote For Me!”
    1. Canne says:

      Your match was so close! I do hope that you gain a final surge of supporters in the last minute but however the result is, you did amazing!

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