Looking At The Ghibli Movies

Looking At The Ghibli Movies

Top 10 Ghibli Movies

Who doesn't like a list? Especially a list full of movies that almost everyone has seen because, well, it's Studio Ghibli! (Or at least should have seen :P) I think it's rare to find an anime fan that knows nothing about Ghibli because even a lot of non anime fans have seen a movie or 2 from them. They are basically the Walt Disney of Anime. They put out amazing movies that try to appeal to the widest audiences.


1. Princess Mononoke - Seen this at least 20 times. All time favourite and I don't think anything can top it. Giant beast lords, a wild girl, and a prince. Add a really interesting story and side characters along with some amazing action. What's not to like?


2. Whisper of the Heart - This movie gives me such... I don't know how to really word it but I guess you could call it something like "tender moments" feeling. Everything about it I loved to bits and the end almost made me cry. It had really good music in it too.


3. Grave of the Fireflies - WW2 movies in general I really like and will almost always make me cry. This one was no exception and is due for another re-watch if I can bring myself to do it. Touching and very powerful.


4. The Cat Returns - An indirect sequel to Whisper of the Heart. It takes the cat character that was in that movie and gives it it's own. It's a marvelous tale and all cat lovers should watch it. It's sure to get a giggle or 2 out of you for sure.


5. Kiki's Delivery Service - It's actually been a really long time since I saw this movie. (Basically since I was a kid) It's probably time for a re-watch to see if it stands up to how awesome I rememeber it being. I remember laughing a lot and that there was a really cute cat.


6. Howl's Moving Castle - Tis about a castle that moves around! What more do I need.


7. Pom Poko - Is Ghibli's version of Once Upon a Forest. I generally really like movies that revolve around animals that can talk and wish to save their homes. These animals were very funny and creative in getting what they wanted.


8. Laputa: Castle in the Sky - Maybe I like floating or moving objects that shouldn't really be where they are or moving because I thought this place was pretty special. It was fun and had all the typical Ghibli characters in it that I have come to enjoy.


9. Spirited Away - I know a lot of people think this is the best Ghibli movie ever made but honestly, it just was average to me. I laughed once while watching it and yes of course it was that scene with her running down the staires and smacking right into the wall. That was awesome. I have good memories of watching it with my sister and rewinding that part over and over again to laugh at it with her. That memory is probably why it is at spot 9.


10. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - I honestly expected a whole lot more out of this movie. It's really only on the list because I dislike all the other movies below even more.

Ponyo will most likely be booted out when The Borrower Arrietty comes out this summer but we'll see how much I like it. I have high hopes.

Others that didn't make it. Continuing the numbering order from above.


11. My Neighbor Totoro - Too many screaming kids. The only enjoyable thing about this movie for me was the Cat Bus. I do however completely understand why some (most) people love it to bits.


12. Porco Rosso - While the pig man was fun, I just didn't get into it as much as I thought I would. I still really like it when I see cosplayers at con's spotting the pig nose.


13. Gedo Senki - I fell asleep about 4 times before I could finish the movie. Enough said.


14. My Neighbors The Yamadas - A weird movie about a weird family. It was alright I guess but not very interesting or funny. I think it was trying to go for funny anyway.


15. Ocean Waves - Slice of Life... About a girl who wants to go to the countryside because she was born and raised in Toyko. While I completely understand that desire... In movie form it's boring.


16. Only Yesterday - Slice of Life... Coming of age tale... School kids...This is probably as worse as it gets for me in irritating plots that are overdone.

Oddly enough all these movies are rated 4/10. I think that is pretty good because I'm pretty harsh with my movie and ova ratings. This just goes to show while I'm clearly not a Studio Ghibli fangirl, I have enjoyed these movies enough not to give them complete crap ratings. (Even though I'm sure some people are to disagree with that statement. :P)

Shout outs to some that should be on the list but are not because of special reasons.

Music Video

On Your Mark - It's simply a music video but if they ever made that into a movie it would instantly be in my top 10 list. I love the music in the video and the girl with wings is so pretty and cute! It's amazing how much story can get through in a 7 minute video.

Where it all began

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind - This would be 3rd or 2nd if I included it. I don't because it was made before Ghibli was formed but it's one of the first anime movies I ever watched and one of the first manga I read too. Definitely a favourite anime movie. It was a gateway for the rest of Studio Ghibli movies so it really stands alone in a category of it's own for me.

Looking At The Ghibli Movies, 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings


15 Responses to “Looking At The Ghibli Movies”
  1. Tamerax says:

    I’m gonna gobble some ghibli


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  2. Canne says:

    Except Whisper of the heart, your list is almost a reversed version of mine 🙂

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  3. Shinmaru says:

    I’m a big fan of Princess Mononoke as well. Not my No. 1 Miyazaki/Ghibli (that would be Nausicaa), but it’s up there. I looooooove Whisper of the Heart, too. It hits just about every note it goes for.

    My Neighbor Totoro I like a lot just because it’s so fun and whimsical. Porco Rosso also kicks ass because it’s such a fun throwback to Hollywood stories of that type, except with the requisite serious Miyazaki twist.

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  4. chii says:

    @Canne hehe yup I noticed that when I read your top list XD

    @Shinmaru I think I just need to watch Porco Rosso again. cause i mean i love planes and stories about them. it’s odd that i didn’t like it more but maybe it just needs another watch to change my mind. I know Totoro won’t be moving though LOL

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  5. Epi says:

    I still sing Country Roads the way she does in Whisper of the Heart… also took a special train ride when I was in Tokyo just to see the suburb where that movie was based in (it really wasn’t worth the ride but hey…) so I guess I’m a fan. I too would put Nausicaa up as #2 or 3, but unlike you I’d rate Laputa and Kiki’s much higher.

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  6. chii says:

    that’s kinda neat that you took that train ride just because of the movie. that’s kinda something i would do too haha worth it or not. i’m sure it was a fun adventure 🙂

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  7. Good to see Whisper of the Heart so high on your list too! I really adore that film and amongst non-hardcore anime fans population, it can get pretty easily lost (understandable when the alternatives are Nausicaa, Spirited Away or Totoro).

    Have fun watching Grave of the Fireflies again. My next due to rewatch that is definitely not any time soon if I can help it! I also thought Only Yesterday has a lot of similarity to Whisper of the Heart (coming-of-age, school kids, slice-of life; I could probably use that same line to describe Whisper!) Granted Whiper has more fantasy elements and no flashback/flashforward. Interesting nonetheless to see one so high and one so low:) Interesting also that 3 of your top 5 is non-Miyazaki.

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  8. chii says:

    i’m full of surprises XD

    i think the dislike with only yesterday was that it was slow and none of the characters were interesting to me in the lease. and yeah whispered definitely helps with the fantasy element even if it wasn’t all that strong.

    i won’t be watching grave of the fireflies any time soonish cause it’s so sad but it’s been so many years it deserves more watches considering it’s so high up on my list. like Princess Mononoke has at the very least over 20 watches from me XD

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  9. Yi says:

    Ghibli is indeed like the Disney of anime. It’s so influential, and it’s even what got me into anime in the first place. I loved Castle in the Sky!

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  10. K1kuch1 says:

    I have to comment on a post about Ghibli Movies xD, is always enjoyable to write about them even if you talk bad or good. And here comes what i think about your list Chii-san!

    I loved you list indeed, it is almost the same as mine! Nausicaa and Mononoke would be on my top list, i think we could spend some hours reviewing these masterpieces! When it comes about Hotaru no Haka, i just have to prepare myself to watch this movie, prepare myself for Suffering and tears, i never felt so bad watching an anime. XD

    Like you said, i would put Sento chihiro no kamikakushi in an upper position(not the best), maybe because i liked the colors/art used on the movie, and a lots of japanese culture, the sound was good too. But i would love to use a machinegun on that giant baby and his anoying voice. XD

    Overall: Thumbs up on your list about your Ghibli movies,Chii-san!, now i think i will watch Mononoke Hime Again too..

    (‘ー‘)/~~ Looking Foward to new posts! Bye bye!

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  11. moyo says:

    My favourite Studio Ghillbi was Laputa; Castle in the sky. I don’t belive u don’t like it. Itwas the first time I had ever encountered Anime I have watched it 120 times No joke

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  12. Rednights says:

    Princess Mononoke my #1 soley based on an emotional this was my first Ghibli movie feeling …

    Don’t remember much of Whisper Hearts … should rewatch it or something …

    Graves would have been much more meaningful for me if everyone and their mother didn’t say it was the saddest thing in the world … I was like mentally prepared for whatever they could throw at me …

    Didn’t realize Valley of the Wind isn’t Ghibli … the more you know!

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  13. fernando says:

    certainly miasaki has made an incredible amount of quality movies, i personally like pnyo on the hill by the cliff. i know i’m a bit old to be watching that stuff but you know… cant be helped

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  14. Mint says:

    Stumbled Upon this. Tumbs down because Spirited Away isn’t number 1.

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